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  1. BirchandTallow

    Dumb Dumb Moments: Zany's Faux Seawater Recipe

    CLIFF NOTES: Basic chemistry. Mix Seasalt and Baking Soda in separate cups of hot water. I didn't do this and my solution was cloudy from being undissolved. THE STORY: Early this morning, I found ZANY’S NO SLIME OLIVE OIL CASTILE recipe and was intrigued by the Faux Seawater Recipe included in...
  2. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    Hello, all! I have a question about cloudiness in my finished liquid soap. I used Irish Lass's method. My recipe is the same as my bar soap blend: 50% Soybean Oil 25% Coconut Oil (76) 15% Grapeseed 10% Olive (pomace) So it's obviously not the same ingredients as Irish Lass, but I...
  3. Mommysoaper

    Frustrated, please help!

    I hope I can get some help here. I have been working on LS for what feels like forever. I have a few recipes that I can get nice and clear after dilution. I did have issues with clouding after adding EOs and FOs but after using a little bit of Polysorbate 80 after dilution and after scenting...
  4. Mommysoaper

    Cloudy due to FOs/EOs

    I have been experimenting with liquid soaps for awhile and was wondering what the best way to clear up cloudy liquid soaps would be? I have a recipe that after dilution is crystal clear, but after adding certain FOs or EOs can get cloudy. What's best to use? I have used glycerin as a...