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Dec 25, 2012
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This is for my sister's 58th birthday. It's kind of an "organic hippy psychedelic soap" to help her look, feel and stay young. The orange is carrot puree (from my garden) and the green is french green clay. I hadn't worked with either of these two colorants previously so I wasn't sure what to expect. The carrot turned out yellower and the clay more gray than I thought, but they jive well enough.

Of course I included a little hemp oil. I wish I'd gone up to 5 or 10%, but I was paranoid of DOS so I only used 3%. There's a fine line between how long you research the forum and when you just start going for it. But at least it's on the ingredient list. As for fragrance -- you know it -- patchouli and sweet orange EOs. That's actually where this soap started, since she's one of those with a passion for patchouli. A month in to the cure, the 1:3 ratio is balancing pretty nicely. I hope it holds out for a couple more weeks!

The best part about this soap is that I get to hand deliver it. The airline ticket was a little more expensive than flat rate shipping, but what the heck, after buying the patchouli, why count now??

There's nothing like a handmade gift that's personally delivered, Cara! Especially when it looks this good. She'll love it!

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She's gonna love her lovely soap as much as you visiting her! What a nice present!!!
Thanks everyone. I found out today she had a really bad day and quit her job. I bet she needs this now more than ever! I knew I should have used more hemp ;-)

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