Carrot-y carrot soap

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Jul 19, 2019
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Unmolded and cut these 2 days ago.

The actual carrot part is made from carrot juice as my liquid and 5% carrot powder mixed with my oils. I used 25% red palm oil for the color. It's a bit more yellow than the true carrot orange I wanted but I can live with that,

The leaf part was the same recipe but with water, regular palm oil, and wheatgrass powder for color and hand-sculpted into leaves' shape.

Scented with petitgrain EO, orange peel EO, rosemary FO, lemongrass EO. The petitgrain EO, despite being only 20% of the total EO weight, is very strong and very green.
This is so cute, I'm in love. The colors are perfect and the EO blend sounds so lovely. I am a big fan of petitgrain, I really like it mixed with chamomile.

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