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  1. Jerseycity MG

    Too much clay but beautiful soap

    Hi there, I am new to this forum, making soap about 6 months and candles for about 2.5 yrs. This week I made a beautiful olive oil+coconut oil+coco butter soap and added too much clay. A.) does anyone have a rule of thumb how much clay per pound? B.) is there any way I can reuse or repurpose...
  2. Blufuz

    Lots and lots of clay

    Hey all! Inspired by this recipe Lots & Lots of Clay Soap - Humblebee & Me I wanted to see how different amounts of kaolin clay changed soap. Originally, I was trying to see how much it took to make soap noticeably whiter. I failed to take water absorption into account, and got some interesting...
  3. Seawolfe

    CPOP French green clay with indigo embeds

    Moving on from the indigo journey, I made a soap this weekend using French green clay. I also tried a new recipe that added palm and hemp oil to the basic olive, coconut and castor oils. I used 2 tsp per pound of soap of the French green clay per SMR website, mixed in a little water stolen...
  4. CaraBou

    Carrot & Clay

    This is for my sister's 58th birthday. It's kind of an "organic hippy psychedelic soap" to help her look, feel and stay young. The orange is carrot puree (from my garden) and the green is french green clay. I hadn't worked with either of these two colorants previously so I wasn't sure what to...
  5. B

    goats milk soap changing color

    Hi, I have been making goats milk soap and every time it looks beautiful after it is made and when I go down stairs in the morning it has changed color drastically. I add the lye to the milk by the tablespoons and do not let the milk get over 70 degrees. Last batch I used green french clay...