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Nov 27, 2007
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Alright, I want to make lip balms....I was going to order bees wax from one of the suppliers and wondered....other than the obvious reason - that the little bees wax beads that these companies sell (they are small and melt quickly) different than the block of 100% bees wax I have? Can I use my block?? k
All I can say is "I HOPE NOT!" because the block I bought from Michael's Crafts was bought to make lip balm!!! :shock:

I'll wait for an answer from a "professional" with you...........

I bought a block of bees wax and used some in lip balm and it turned out great. In hind sight, I wish I had got the beads because it was hard to chip the wax off the block. I think I used a screwdriver and a hammer.

Ended up buying a dedicated potatoe peeler to see if it works for shaving the block.
I use a "dedicated" cheese grater, using the smaller of the two 'general' grates they usually have, and the beeswax drops off in little round pieces almost just like those (higher priced?) beads. I don't even cut anything off the 1lb. block, just grate...... :wink:

Depending on how much you need (I was only needing a 1Tbs.), the veggie peeler might work better if you need larger amounts. It would probably leave less waste.

I was going to post this earlier, but I forgot and I was tired.....sorry.
I do hope it was helpful information.....
I buy the beads these days, even if they do cost a little extra, simply for ease of use. It didn't take long at all for me to be over trying to carve what I needed off a block of beeswax! :lol:
I had already thought it would be a bite to grate up the block, but don't want to waste this block. Thanks for all the responses everyone! k
Alternatively you could melt the whole block and pour it out onto greaseproof paper and spread it thin like tempering chocolate, then when its set it will all crumble up easily and then you can store it in a jar or bag etc. and voila you have you wax ready to weigh and use
Shannon darling where you been?? LOL I use the pellets and there is no difference between the two except the pellets are quicker.
I am under the impression there are different "grades" of beeswax - cosmetic and candle grades included -- wonder about this for balms and things that go onto the skin

hmm. :)
pepperi27 said:
Shannon darling where you been?? LOL I use the pellets and there is no difference between the two except the pellets are quicker.

Hey my pepper! School and work has been kicking my butt! and then i went into "dont want to soap" mold.. but i am making my way back :wink: good to see you!
Sorry for the hijack!
I had to take a hammer and a chisel to my 1lb block of beeswax so i think using beads would be much easier...although i didnt even think to use a grater!! I will try that next time i make a soap!!

great idea!!


i could probably use it as a weapon if it came down to it...seriously!

I melt mine and put them in one of those ice cube trays that give long and narrow cubes. You know, the kind that fit in a water bottle. Then you can break off pieces easily. I've never heard of a difference in cosmetic and candle beeswax. Is there such a thing?
i like that ice cube tray idea! i ruined a bowl and my cheese grater trying to grate down my 1lb poor kitchen utensils :cry:
Here's the kind of tray I used
I get mine from teh beekeeper...and pour it into plastic or wax cups from the dollar store. I do like the idea of hte long icecube molds though. I'll have to see if I can get one.