Baby goats to Brighten Your Day

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Jun 28, 2021
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I had a doe give birth on Monday to quadruplets. Hopefully a little baby goat will give you a smile. 🙂
How precious…😍 is four typical? Seems like a lot! I love the video. If I had baby goats I would not get a single thing done, I’d just stare at them all day
Four is not unheard, especially for kinders (the breed I have), but on a whole 1-3 kids in a litter is more common. It's even possible for does to have five, but that would be considered rare. And yes, that's how it is; I don't get a single thing done. 😆
Those babies are adorable! We had quads a few years ago and they were all breech! Our babies aren’t due until April this year but I’m starting to get anxious already. Your goats look really good!! Beautiful coats! I think we need a goat thread 😁
Well feel free to post pictures of your baby goats here!

Wow all breech! That's crazy. Only one of these babies was breech. The last one actually. It was scary for a few minutes because after the first two I saw a back hoof coming out, but only one. I reached around and found another hoof, but it was a front hoof. So I knew two were trying to come out at the same time. I pushed the backwards one back in and the forward baby came flying out. Overall though it was a very fast delivery for the doe, Bella. She recovered extraordinarily quickly. The next day she was back to her usual self.

And thank you about the beautiful coats! I work very hard to avoid deficiencies. We are in a very copper, selenium and zinc deficient area so I have to really stay on top of it!
I know nothing of goats so excuse me if this is a naive question, but I'm much intrigued, is this linked to their diet then?
I LOVE talking about goats, so please ask anything you'd like!

Mineral deficiencies are linked to their diet because the hay and forages are going to be lacking in the minerals that are deficient in the soil. It's also more of an issue for goats that are eating mostly hay and grass because goats are really designed to eat brush, shrubs and trees which pull up nutrients that are farther down in the soil than grasses can reach.