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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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So I have been working on all kinds of good stuff around here. I am getting ready for a craft show on Sat the 3rd. I am taking a ton of soaps and b&b stuff. Also I have started working on towel cakes. I have a mom's day cake and a wedding cake I am taking to see what kind of response I get. I am also getting stuff together to represent the forum at the Tenn gathering. Me and Paul are gonna take over the town :) So has anyone missed me?
You know I have! :) We are going to "kick it" at the TN Gathering! Lots of fun to be had!

I saw your beautiful cakes for sale at one of your sites! Beautiful cakes, C! 8)

Hey, Phyllis' and my anniversary (26th) is on May 15th, 2 days before the TN gathering.....swapping cake for lye, mold. :lol:

It will be fun.....

Paul :wink:
I thought there was a buzz of some sort missing! Glad you popped in. I expect that right about now there are throngs of people rushing your booth to buy up all your wonderful goodies.

Y'all have to post a full report of the gathering for those of us who will not be there. Don't forget your dancing shoes for when you are not kicking butt and taking over the town. :lol:

Hope you made tons of dough today. Like Tab said, let us know. I'm picking up 250 pounds of lye Monday morning. I'm going to start selling it on my Etsy site. I have all the requirements for shipping. How much should I bring with us to the TN Gathering? I think I'll be able to sell it for between $2.25 to $2.50 per pound. That is better than any price anywhere on the Internet for smaller quantities. :wink:

Paul :wink:
Wel I did my show on Sat. unfortunately, the ecomony is taking its toll on everything around here. I at least made my booth fee back but that was because of the other vendors. O-well!

Here is a pic of my favoritest cake, I made this one for my mom for mothers day.
Boy I bet she is going to love that! Beautiful work, DFP! Soaps and nor towel cakes, you are a master at it all. We went to a show yesterday. 160 vendors, no soap though. Booth fees were $200 for 2 days. We saw a lot of lookers, but very few buyers. We were going to do that show, but opted out, thankfully. There was a soaper there I know who is now making and selling jewelry. :? :(

DFP - the cake is lovely. So sorry the show wasn't what it should have been, dang economy!!! k