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Jun 9, 2016
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My son's friends refer to me as The Renaissance Man. Have made wine and brewed beer, built a still and a pico brewery. Built fly fishing rods and tied flies. Built a coffee roaster and blended coffee. Nothing special about any of this, except I like knowing how things have been done before modern manufacturing came along. In every case I was satisfied that anyone can do it without driving to the store with plenty of money for the middleman. Don't get me wrong, I never really saved any money, but I sure was gratified to know that I could do it. Recently I bought a nice German double edge razor and started collecting soaps, croaps, creams and brushes. Guess what, my in-grown facial hairs are gone and my skin is smoother. I'm told I look 10 years younger. Too bad I waited so late. So, inevitably, I decided to try my hand at crafting shaving soap. The tallow has been rendered and the research continues. Supplies are showing up on the front porch. Many questions remain, but one haunts me. Since a puck, stick, tube or tub lasts about 3 months, my collection will surely outlive me. And when production begins, what will I do with all this shaving soap? My first recipe was hatched on Soapcalc, but I'm rethinking the one pounder for the 100 gram batch.
Is this a place where I can trade or share my soaps for a fair evaluation of the quality and shave performance? I read here that Songwind developed a MdeC clone. Is the recipe being shared?
I'm really looking forward to learning from the veterans and newbies here, and promise to do some of my own research to eliminate the tedium of kindergarten questions. I hope I came to the right place. Ain't the internet great?
Enough for now...Flyrod
Hi Flyrod and welcome! :wave: You've been busy with all the hobbies you've got going on. Good for you!

There are several wet shaver guys here that will be able to help with your recipe. I'm still in shave soap experiment mode so I'm working out the wrinkles with mine.
Hello, Flyrod, and welcome to the forum! You sound like our kind of guy:clap:
I got such a kick out of your comment that your collection will surely outlive you! Yup, that's one of our challenges, but once you turn out some really nice soaps, it'll be part of the pleasure of your new "hobby" (read: addiction) to be able to give them to friends and family. :razz:
Here's the link to Songwind's post about his MdeC clone. His very first post includes his recipe, including the essential oils used. The rest of this very lengthy thread is not one you'll want to miss if you're interested in making your own shaving soap---some great discussion, and great questions asked and answered!
As to whether this is the place to come to "swap soaps" I would say.....maybe. Read through this sticky for the rules regarding swaps:
Welcome to the addiction. First it will be shaving soap, then you will have to create a fisherman's soap.... and so it goes. A Renaissance Man is welcomed aboard.
Howdy and welcome! It's a really fun hobby that sucks you into wanting to make more and more. Your family and friends will soon be in the "never have to buy soap again" club. :)
Welcome Flyrod
My dh ties Fly's - both salt water and fresh. He's been doing that for years and teaches a weekly class on Fly Tying as well.

If you have an accurate enough scale you can make some very small batches. I have one that does 0.x grams, which is fine for a 100g batch if I am very careful. With a 0.0x gram scale you could even make 50g batches with no trouble. I use Tupperware and heat them (carefully) in the microwave
Welcome, I too am guilty of having too many hobbies. I too have become a wet shaver in the last couple of years. I too already have a lifetime supply of shave soaps, and now a lifetime supply of shave soaps made by me. I am also gaining on the lifetime supply of soap for my family and most of my friends, but its enjoyable and not terribly expensive, so have fun with it.

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