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  1. Soaper987

    Rebatching to make soft shaving cream

    I tested out a new recipe and it turned out a little softer than I would have liked and I was thinking about reusing it in a soft soap shaving cream. Has anyone done anything like this before? If so how did it work out for you and how did you do it? I was thinking of melting it down with some...
  2. D

    Shave soap siezing?

    I dont know if sieze is even the correct term. I have tried 2 different, but similar shave soap recipies this week. Following the instructions, but both immediately went solid as I was adding the lye. No liquid state at all. The only time google seems to say that happens is with certain EO, but...
  3. Greg Hartman

    Bentonite didn't dissolve

    I made some shaving soap and the recipe includes bentonite: 2 tsp. in about 3 lbs. of soap. I was following a tutorial for the recipe and it said it doesn't matter when you add the bentonite, so I added it to the oils just before I added the lye/water mixture. I figured it would get mixed it...
  4. sirtim100

    Pleased as punch (and smelling good)

    Just wanted to share with the forum my first experience with what I really wanted to do with soap making: make some nice shaving soap with a view to selling the stuff one day. I made a batch of CP shaving soap one month ago (if anyone wants the recipe, let me know) and watched and waited, and...
  5. Z

    Shaving soap recipe

    I haven't made soap before, but I enjoy DIY projects After reading a fair amount of info on shave soap specifically as well as general soap making, I've come here to get feedback on a hypothetical recipe. I'd like to know if there are any glaring errors in formulation, if you've tried anything...
  6. Wickhams

    Hi from the UK

    Thanks for adding me guys. After spending months researching shaving soap making, I have eventually settled on only one forum, this one. I’ve not attempted to make any soap yet but kept coming back to read and re-read threads from this forum as it appears to be by far the most helpful and...
  7. Draugr Rekkr

    What is this and can I fix it by putting it back into the pot?

    I think I know what this is (glycerin rivers) but I'm a little confused because I only see stuff about it for CP soap. This is a HP shaving soap recipe that I'm working on at the moment it uses lanolin and Shea butter as side ingredients as well as 2 table of glycerin. Any suggestions?
  8. Draugr Rekkr

    French soap (MdC) References at the end.

    Okay so the recipe is super simple. This will be a small batch of about 100g of oil. I don't have a crock pot or a double boiler so I improvised. I cranked up the heat and way I go. It worked! Did I mention I've never done a HP soap. Added the KOH and that happened fast.. I was going...
  9. Soap making supplies

    Soap making supplies

    Looks like living in New Zealand is grate for anyone that wants to make shaving soap. I found one or two recipes that I want to try but I would be open to any ideas of other shaving soap recipes with these ingredients in them.
  10. Michael_W

    Duck Fat Shaving Soap: What's a Good Recipe?

    I have a jar of duck fat and two bottles of oil, one almond and one castor, that I'd like to use in a shave-soap-making experiment. Never having made soap of any kind, however, I'm running into a wall when it comes to finding suitable recipes. Does anyone know of any or where I might find them?
  11. D

    Shaving soap

    Hello all, bad news for me and my shaving soap. After making my shaving soap and letting it cure, and then packing it up to look nice and pretty. I passed it out as Christmas gifts. Now starting to get feed back. It doesn't lather that well. I've noticed it my self (in using it) but maybe I...
  12. roryk

    Shaving soap numero 2

    So I made my first shaving soap a couple weeks ago and turned out useable but had a thin bubbly lather. I did equal parts Stearic, Tallow, and Coconut, with all KOH. In order to make a nicer lather though, and more conditioning, I wanted to try this recipe: 45% Tallow 25% Stearic Acid 15%...
  13. F

    Another hobby!

    My son's friends refer to me as The Renaissance Man. Have made wine and brewed beer, built a still and a pico brewery. Built fly fishing rods and tied flies. Built a coffee roaster and blended coffee. Nothing special about any of this, except I like knowing how things have been done before...
  14. G

    Need to ramp-up production. Where can I find larger equipment?

    Hi All, I have been making and selling shaving soap (hot process) for about 2 months. Sales have been very good. My challenge has been keeping up with current demand. Right now, I use an 8 quart crock pot (that largest I have been able to find). From that, I am able to make about 23 shave...
  15. Mighty Mama

    Shaving soap with NAOH and KOH?

    After three years of making hot and cold process soap, I have been approached to make a shaving soap for a local barber shop. I've spent some time researching only to find out I actually need to use a 60/40 percentage of KOH and NAOH as well as stearic acid. My only problem is that there...
  16. TNsoaper

    Soap goes to trace near instantly! Help!

    Okay, so I was making an experimental batch of shaving soap. In the soap was about 30% Tallow, 20% lard and oils such as grape, olive and 76F coconut oil. I also put in a good amount of stearic acid and some clay for the slip. My lye was sodium hydroxide and I got the oils down to about...
  17. G

    Tips for increasing lather stability in shave soap

    Hi All, I recently started experimenting with making shaving soap using hot process. Although my recipe lathered easily, it was way too bubbly. By the time I would finish shaving one side of my face, the lather on the other side would have disappeared. Any tips/tricks to getting a thicker...
  18. inquebiss

    Finally, a decent shave soap!

    After many failed attempts and even some complete disasters, I've finally formulated a legitimate working shave soap. There are tweaks to be made, but considering how hard it has been to find information or even a good starting place, I thought I would share what I have. Here is my hot process...
  19. JaimeM

    Shaving Soap Mash-Up!

    Hi Everyone!! I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to try a shaving soap. I've read all 12 pages of the thread Songwind started, been absolutely fascinated with what Skatergirl46 and Crazy8 are doing, and love all the imput that DeeAnna, MarktheBoxGuy, and Lindy have added to improve the...
  20. M

    Shaving Soap

    Hi All, I wanted to start off by saying that before coming to this forum I thought I knew more than I really did. I'm very thankful to have found this online community. I realize for those of you who have been soaping for a while and have been on here for many years, it must be annoying to...