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  1. Mestiza Girl

    Need A Second Opinion - CP recipe

    My last batch was high in OO and I'm looking to reduce this by adding a new oil- sweet almond. I know everything is about trial and error, but I'm hoping to get some suggestions and opinions on this recipe before I jump into it. I want a decent lather and a fairly hard bar.
  2. Mestiza Girl

    Kaolin Clay Recipe Help!

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to concoct an exfoliating lemon poppyseed soap for my second batch ever!! My first batch used the same oils in the same amounts and turned out pretty great (all I added to that batch was rose fragrance). I was wondering if I could apply the same percentages to this...
  3. F

    Another hobby!

    My son's friends refer to me as The Renaissance Man. Have made wine and brewed beer, built a still and a pico brewery. Built fly fishing rods and tied flies. Built a coffee roaster and blended coffee. Nothing special about any of this, except I like knowing how things have been done before...
  4. R

    Inconsistent results in same batch - different molds..

    I made a batch where 7 different molds were made and I got different results on some of them. This is all color related as the consistency and other qualities are excelent in them. I did us Titanium Dioxide in the mix but that was in the entire mix and it was very well blended before pouring...