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Dec 9, 2007
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South Carolina

I made some CP last night, and used 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice and added some silk, along with everything else I was suppose to.

My question?

Is the soap suppose to feel slick and oily, when you unmold, and will
that go away as it cures?

The soap seems to soft to cut right now.
May have added to much liquid.

That will evaporate, right?

P.S. We need a spell checker on here.
did you discount the water to account for the aloe liquid? Thats what I always do.
FSowers said:
P.S. We need a spell checker on here.

I'm not paul and still waiting for my silk to arrive from him....

but when I use aloe juice I just use it as part of my total liquid needed.
simple math, so if i need 400 grams of liquid i might use 1/2 aloe juice and 1/2 heavy cream to meet that total needed.

spell check.... get yourself the google toolbar and then you have one anytime anywhere your typing....
Who needs a spell checker, ah knows i sartinly doesn't. Mine is as puffick as they come.

Hi, been super, duper busy! :oops: Sorry I have not been around much! I don't really discount any. I use ONLY aloe vera juice to mix with my sodium hydroxide to make my 50% solution. I add my silk to this mixture when it is hot and it dissolves the silk. I store this at RT for up to a month, then just add new solution to what is left in the bottle. My soaps are not slick or soft. I use this in my super hard salt bars along with my goat milk too. remember, it only takes a very small amount of silk. Use only about a size of a pea for about 2 pounds of oils. 2 ounces will last years! I still have 16 ounces of the Look China Silk, the really good stuff! :D

ETA: Faithy, your silk is in the mail in the morning! I also use the Yahoo spell checker! :roll:

OMG!!! On BCN web site it says to use a cotton ball or golf ball size silk.
I definetly used way too much, if all you have to use is a pea size.

That batch of Cool Water I just made is going to slid my DH right out of the shower, he'll be so slick.

As the batch I was asking about begins to harden, it doesn't seem to be as slick, sticky, oily feeling anymore. Hopefully, it will be okay.

Thanks for the information, on the silk and the spell checker.

Where do you get the Yahoo spell checker?
I read that too Faye and thought maybe it was a different type of silk everyone else was using.
Faye and Marr, if you were to take a normal size cotton ball. I would use the equivalent of about 1/3 of that for 32 ounces of oils. This process dissolves the silk, and the silk is pure protein known as silk amino acid and it is so "silky" :lol: (pun intended) it just doesn't require much. try that amount next time for a few batches and see if that makes a difference in your bar. Too much silk can make the cured bar feel "slick" while using it in the shower. :wink:


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