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Savage Daughter

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Feb 7, 2023
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Turtle Island
I have been making many test batches of soap - 4.4 LBS / 2KG - over the past few months in a quest to perfect my recipe/s & to have things go right as often as possible once I need to scale up. My main challenge has been keeping my batter as fluid as possible for as long as possible. Other than that, I have not had any issues, short of one case of silicone blistering - lesson learned > no CPOPing in silicone molds.

I have promised a couple of local shops who have tested my soaps regular batches by the end of May & have ordered 16 LB molds which break down from a local lady for an absolute bargain (birch plywood) & some 8 LB molds, along with some others from Custom Craft Tools.

The 8 LB molds don't concern me so much, but I am feeling a bit hesitant with the 16 LB molds, which should be ready for pickup at my pst office next week. Then time to get moving on these batches.

Can anyone share any difficulties they experienced when scaling up larger batches of soap? I have done some reading of the forums but hoping to get some more personal insight / recommendations / cautions from people.

These batches will be approximately 4x the volume of each batch I have been making in my latest 'research & development' stage.

Thanks so much :)