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  1. Savage Daughter

    Advice for scaling up production

    I have been making many test batches of soap - 4.4 LBS / 2KG - over the past few months in a quest to perfect my recipe/s & to have things go right as often as possible once I need to scale up. My main challenge has been keeping my batter as fluid as possible for as long as possible. Other than...
  2. K

    What to use to make larger batches of soap?

    Hi All, I need some of your expert soapmaking advice here. I have been making 5 lb. batches of soap for my 5 lb. molds one at a time for some time now and would like to find a way to make 2 or 3 (5 lb.) loaves at a time to help save some time. 1. What suggestions for saving time and making...