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  1. Savage Daughter

    Advice for scaling up production

    I have been making many test batches of soap - 4.4 LBS / 2KG - over the past few months in a quest to perfect my recipe/s & to have things go right as often as possible once I need to scale up. My main challenge has been keeping my batter as fluid as possible for as long as possible. Other than...
  2. Keaaukb

    Advice for scaling up Goat Milk Soap to large batches

    I am currently working with 18-lb batches of cold process GMS and want to go bigger, (how big? I guess I’m here to ask what’s possible). I’m a bit hesitant and looking for pointers… I’ve been making cold- and hot-process soaps for several years, have the basics down and am happy with my soaps...
  3. K

    Large batch goat milk soap - preventing gel and/or discoloration

    Hi! We have scaled up production of our goat milk CP soaps to 120 lbs batches poured into one large block mold that is then cut into loaves then bars. Understandably, this volume causes the soap to insulate itself and start to gel in the middle. I know gel isn’t a bad thing, but in our case, it...
  4. QueenJ

    Whipped body butter

    So I’ve been making whipped body butters for years and i have a few go to recipes that i use and I tried 2 techniques which require (cooling phase) I pop my oils in the fridge or freezer to quicken up the cooling process then whip until perfect consistency. Im curious if there is another way of...
  5. S

    after making batch larger the soap gelled in the middle

    Hi. I need help with this. I have made a Room temperature method soap, same recipe for 4 yrs now. Have always made it in 500g batches. And then poured into single soap silicone forms after. Getting 20 single soaps out of the batch Now I wanted to make double as much. A 1000g batch with the...
  6. S

    scaling up

    so I've been making small batches of HP soap in a crockpot with a stick blender, and selling them to friends and family, onlinem etc. Around thanksgiving I added a second smaller crockpot and now I make 2 1/2 times the amount of soap every time. I realized I'm now spending several days a month...