Adding EOs after CPOP

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Dec 29, 2018
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So I have a question. Maybe someone has previous experience on something like this. So Im thinking how EOs fade using CP. So Im thinking of making an unscented batch, letting it harden for some hours so it retains its shape, then using CPOP to finish the saponification and softening the mixture and THEN adding the EOs with the superfat and mixing with a toothpick or something similar. I think this could be an interesting approach to make the soap retain a cold process look with the benefits of HP. What are your opinions on this?
My opinion is it won't work. When you cpop, it doesn't get runny enough to mix in fragrances or sf. If you want to cook the soap before adding your extras, best to just do hp.
I have to agree with Obsidian. I also don’t think you would get them mixed in well enough and would likely get seeping. Then would likely need to rebstch. I would do HP if that’s the way you want to go.
I think to myself that I could mess with my soap when it is going through gel phase but I can never quite catch it in time. I have deliberately rebatched a soap right after unmolding so I could add a super fat and scent it to see how it would turn out. I overdid it on the super fat and it was a bit weepy. I hate rebatching soap.
Look up Flash Point values for EOs. This is the temp when the EO starts evaporating. Most are in the rage 130-150 F, in order to mix EO in CPOP you'd need higher temp to get the partially saponified oil to be somewhat liquidy/melted. That way you would be loosing even more EO as compared to regular CP.
Thanks a lot for your wisdom. Does seem like I would have ended wasting some valuable EOs in the process.