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  1. C

    Fresh EO blend that holds up after cure

    Hello! I'm making an Activated charcoal brine soap and want it to smell herbaceous, minty, uplifting, fresh! However I've had a hard time making this EOs stick, even by the time I'm unmolding I can barely smell the blend. I've been using 3% of oil weight, which is what I use for my other...
  2. Maaki

    Adding EOs after CPOP

    So I have a question. Maybe someone has previous experience on something like this. So Im thinking how EOs fade using CP. So Im thinking of making an unscented batch, letting it harden for some hours so it retains its shape, then using CPOP to finish the saponification and softening the mixture...
  3. beloved_icecream_bar

    Explain it like I'm five: EO & Fragrance usage in cp soap

    Hello again! Second post ever, also concerning EOs. This time I need to express my confusion about usage rates in cp soap. Thusfar I've been measuring my eo by the drop, (I use a scale for everything else) which I understand is unreliable for consistency. I've found guides like these...
  4. J

    Recommended companies for EO

    Hi, I've purchased EOs from Mountain Rose Herbs and Bramble Berry, and Peppermint EO and Ylang Ylang from Now on Amazon. I've had no issues with any of them, but I'd like to know I'm getting the best value for quality and I'm nervous about using other companies. I've searched reviews, but I...