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  1. Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Made for SCC June 2019 challenge, advanced category, using 1:8 ratio of food to oils. I puréed the cherries, prepared natural colorants, created the water replacement drinks from scratch & made this soap via CPOP. Smells divine, like baked goods, no added fragrance. Link https://tinyurl.com/yxmkwecl
  2. Maaki

    Adding EOs after CPOP

    So I have a question. Maybe someone has previous experience on something like this. So Im thinking how EOs fade using CP. So Im thinking of making an unscented batch, letting it harden for some hours so it retains its shape, then using CPOP to finish the saponification and softening the mixture...
  3. Kiajera

    Lye Crystal's in Hot process soap

    Hi guys! I'm new here, but I have been making soap for roughly 6 years and I have encountered crystals of lye in my hot processed soap, which I also put in the oven to make a compound hp/ cpop soap with an embed. I have pics here for you to see. I'm going to re-batch it with a little more...
  4. J

    natural colorants

    Hello! This is my first post in the forum, and I need some guidance. I have been making soap for only about 2 months, and I have made both CPOP and HP soaps. I purchased some natural colorants that I would like to use in my soaps, but I don't know how/when to use them. I am planning on making...
  5. denisedh

    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    Hi Soap Gurus, I'm new - this is my second loaf of CP and I followed a recipe on Brambleberry to CPOP it. It has been two days and I unmolded it from a silicone liner (from Essential Depot) I am still not sure at all about the way things are supposed to look but I think this was too tight...
  6. Seawolfe

    CPOP French green clay with indigo embeds

    Moving on from the indigo journey, I made a soap this weekend using French green clay. I also tried a new recipe that added palm and hemp oil to the basic olive, coconut and castor oils. I used 2 tsp per pound of soap of the French green clay per SMR website, mixed in a little water stolen...
  7. Seawolfe

    Adventures in indigo - mix with oil & CPOP - overheating?

    Ok so I guess Soap Queen has a tutorial where she disperses powdered indigo with some oil from the batch, and uses that to color part of the batch. More disturbingly I have lately found my husband watching these Soap Queen videos about making swirls, muttering darkly to himself and twiddling...
  8. Tienne

    Embracing the Ash

    I have been tinkering around, trying to come up with a clone of a brand-name Dead Sea Mud soap. (Am I allowed to mention the name of it? I'm new here, so I don't know, but it's name starts with an "A".) Their ingredients list says it contains 80% Palm Oil and 20% Palm Kernel Oil. At first I...
  9. C

    Sticky white layer on cpop

    I have been using CPOP lately and am having trouble. Every single batch is giving me a thin sticky white bubbly layer on top. I thought it might be soap ash or lye film but I can't find anyone who is describing this a sticky, just a powder and mine is not a power. Help?? What can I do to...
  10. C

    Question regarding temperature

    Why do I have to allow the lye and oils to cool for CP if it isn't necessary for HP? I figure it's because you don't want the EOs/FOs to flash but that's the only reason I can think of. If that's the case, then would it be alright to add the EOs once the lye/oils mixture has cooled while...
  11. 1

    Can you CPOP a batch that's 24 hours old?

    I have a batch that didn't gel fully due to too much peeking...lol. I'm wondering if anyone has CPOP'd a batch after it's been through a partial gel phase with success? How long did you leave it in the oven for?