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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi All

I am relatively new to CP soap making, i.e. 4 successful batches in. Iam trying to get some feedback on determining specific oil(s) for super fat. I use the sopacalc (sopacalc.net) to determine specific combination of oils, it has a standard superfat discount of 5%. to my understanding this means that there will be 5% of unsaponified base oils left in my soap... correct?

my question is, if i want a specific oil(s) as superfat, (not a component of base oils) would it be safe to remove the superfat discount from soapcalc (make zero) and add the specific/chosen superfat oil(5% of total oils) at or after trace?

any response would be appreciated, save me ruining a batch and my 100% success record :)
Yep, what Reinbeau said.

Adding fats at trace does not ensure they will be the superfat. At trace, saponification is just getting started so there will be some hours of chemical reactions going on afterwards. A series of tests by Kevin Dunn, the soapmaker-chemist, showed there is essentially no difference in the actual superfat in a soap when all the oils are added up front vs. the same soap with the "superfat" oils added at trace.

Not sure why you could, for both practical and esthetic reasons, add fats after trace -- by that time, you want to be coloring, scenting, and molding the soap. Unless you're thinking the hot process method. In that case, yes, you can add superfat after the cook is complete -- aka after saponification is over.
Thanks for the info, still sticking with CP soap. Back to refining my recipe