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  1. J

    Laundry Soap Percent Super Fat

    I'm considering making laundry soap. 1. I certainly would not want any extra fat, but what about going maybe one or two percent negative. That is, just a bit more lye than will be consumed in the saponification process? I understand that it would be very rough on skin, but I won't be adding it...
  2. L

    I have a few questions about cold process soap!

    So i am a beginner to soap making and i just had a few questions as i am having trouble finding videos or websites that explain stuff in good detail. 1) I was wondering how do you know what percentage of your chosen oils to use? How do i know which oils to use? Also how do i know how many...
  3. S

    A Superfatting question

    Hi All I am relatively new to CP soap making, i.e. 4 successful batches in. Iam trying to get some feedback on determining specific oil(s) for super fat. I use the sopacalc ( to determine specific combination of oils, it has a standard superfat discount of 5%. to my...
  4. J

    for hot process, when to add salt, sugar, milk?

    I plan to make hot process soaps mostly, so I can add my EO and superfats after the saponification has finished so they retain their scent/properties better. More work, and sadly, very limited design options. But I care more about the quality and use of the final bar than how pretty it looks...
  5. F

    Favourite Superfat?

    Do you have a general SF you like to stick to? I tend to use 7% (most of my recipes use around 20-25% coconut oil) - wondering if this is higher, lower, or on par with most? What is the highest you have used with a batch (assuming it's not one with a higher-than-usual coconut oil content)?