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  1. Mestiza Girl

    Determining SF + Lye Discount?

    Hellooo my fellow soap makers. I've read in a few threads that determining SF is totally up to you based on your preference. However I've also read that certain oils or butters pair well with lower/higher SF. I've also briefly seen SF associated with the term "lye discount".. would someone...
  2. N

    Lye discount. organic certification

    I've been soaping for 3 or so years now. For myself, my family, coworkers and my mates. I have someone whom has been using my soap and loves it. I don't sell it, its just thank you's, gifts and bartering material. (I'm careful, I'm slow and steadily moving towards awesomeness. I didn't just...
  3. S

    A Superfatting question

    Hi All I am relatively new to CP soap making, i.e. 4 successful batches in. Iam trying to get some feedback on determining specific oil(s) for super fat. I use the sopacalc ( to determine specific combination of oils, it has a standard superfat discount of 5%. to my...
  4. JuneP

    Super fatting

    I've read a lot about super fatting, but have a question. In watching some CP soap making videos on you tube I've seen the person adding one oil, at what looks like light trace; and she said she was super fatting. Doesn't just lowering the lye equate super fatting; or is there another reason to...