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I haven't tried that, but I will!
That how I've been doing it ~ I have a tiny kitchen with poor ventilation and I have trouble breathing (obstructed sinuses that are always stuffy but I hate mouth breathing) so wearing masks just makes it worse (I have to mouth breathe in a mask, so I suck the <bleeping> thing into my mouth and feel like I'm being suffocated), so I will do anything to NOT wear a mask 👍🏻
@Shelley D @Jorah I freeze distilled water and aloe juice in ice cube trays as well. We have a good sized chest freezer, so I keep a repurposed 1 gallon pail in there and freeze the liquids in ice cube trays and add to the buckets when needed. I just weigh out the ice, deducting what I need to reserve to mix any additives. and make up the difference in room temp distilled water. No fumes! I soap in my basement which has poor ventilation so this really helps. Plus my lye solution is already pretty cool so I can start the fun part sooner.
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