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  1. McLasz

    Mica, FO & Vanilla Stabilizer Questions?

    Hi All- I'm new to this forum and to soap making, and like so many others I have watched a year of videos (at a rather obsessive rate), and read and taken notes on all of the books that people have recommended, and I think I am now ready to try my first batch. I have all of the things I need to...
  2. Amanda Borgeson

    Vanilla Powder vs Oil

    Hi! I am new in this forum but have beginner's experience with soap making. I just made a batch and it was perfect, unscented this time. I used Shea butter so I can smell it in the bar soap I made, it smelled so good alone. I even added bentonite clay for impurities, after cook for my melt and...
  3. N

    Clay powder as a natural colorant

    I have been playing with clay powders alot lately, I learn as i go and do test batches. So much fun. However someone has asked me to make them soap for them to purchase for gifts by Dec. 1st. I don't generally sell my soap so i should maybe not be so willy nilly and find out the proper way to...