3rd Attempt at an ombre

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Nov 7, 2023
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West Virginia
This is the closest to what I have been trying to get for a more seamless ombre that I envisioned in my head. I used BB lush succulent FO and Mad Micas Astro, Nuture soaps Winter white, Mad micas fairy duster in sparkle me aqua for tops.

I over blended my batter so only a quarter way through it was getting thicker and thicker. If it had stayed liquid through it all I would get the look I wanted. I mixed 1 tbsp of white soap to green soap container then poured along soap wall for 5 seconds. Repeated til all the white was gone.


I don't get good light in the house so brought these out on a cutting board my husband made me to snap a picture.
Thanks everyone for the kind words.

When I first started I was focusing on trying every technique and bigger batches but this time I'm working on trying to perfect it. I've been doing small batches (6 inch long batches, 35 oz) so I can experiment more.

Love how this turned out and the FO is mellowing out to something really green and fresh smelling.