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  1. soymilk

    candy cane (red and white) candle

    Hey. Any tips or ideas on how do you make a candy cane (red and white stripe) candle? I'll be using soy wax
  2. T

    To Shea Butter or not Shea Butter?

    Hi, Newbie here. I have been experiementing with different percentages of oils to try to find a soap I really like. Trying some today which are only 10 days old I notice the ones without Shea Butter bubble and lather SO much better than the ones with. Is this just typical of this stage of...
  3. M

    "Ultimate Guidelines" for CP request!

    Hi all! I myself already did a couple of batches of CP soap that most turned out well. I did a lot of research on the web and in books. Nowhere I could find a really good guide for formulating CP recipes. Here, a lot of great advice is buried in the hundreds of threads. It should be...
  4. G

    Formulating a Recipe - Please Help!

    Hi! I am trying to formulate a recipe which produces a soap I can use both to swirl and to make texturised tops. I am considering 30/30/30/10 Olive/Coconut/Palm/Shea Butter or 30/30/30/5/5 Olive/Coconut/Palm/Caster/Shea Butter I want an economical base which is easy to work with...
  5. L

    Recipe Check, Questions re: Jojoba/Meadowfoam

    Hello, all! I figured I'd post what recipe I've been tweaking and playing with lately, and see if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for improvement. Cocoa butter, 15% Coconut Oil, 25% Olive Oil, 36% Rice Bran Oil, 10% Castor Oil, 8% Meadowfoam Oil, 4% Jojoba Oil, 2% Half my...
  6. S

    Question re: Basic Cold Proces Soap in Everything Soapmaking Book

    Hi! I'm new to cold process soap and am having a blast so far! I'm getting ready to branch out on my own a bit. I have the "Everything Soapmaking Book" and used the Basic Recipe on pg. 78. However, I'm getting confused when I plug it into Can someone take a look and help me figure...
  7. L

    Thoughts on this Recipe?

    Hello, I found this recipe online. Thoughts? What type of bar can I expect? Will it be good for my sensitive skin? Thanks! 30%Shea 30% Palm 20% coconut 20% olive
  8. L

    Soap Makes my Skin Feel Tight and Sticky

    Hello, I am a new soap maker, and have completed quite a few recipes from Ann Marie's Soap Crafting book. Every single one of my soaps makes my skin feel sticky and tight. I let them cure for 6 weeks. All soaps are SF from 5-7%. I use the recommended amount of fragrance as per the fragrance...
  9. J

    Slow trace, hard bar, frothy AND big bubbles, I want it all.

    Ok, fessing up. I have bought CP soap colors since I want to swirl like you guys so beautifully do, BUT, that means a slow tracing recipe and those typically don't lather nearly as much as I like. I like suds almost as much as I like shopping for fragrances, which, let's be honest, is the real...
  10. D

    Vegan pomade recipe questions

    Hi all, First time posting (and I'm not sure this is the right forum). I've been making my own soap and hair product for over a year now. The pomade I use is made of soy wax, Shea Butter, and Castor oil. I find that if I use enough soy wax to get the hold I want for coarse hair, the end...
  11. goji_fries

    Sharing an EO recipe

    I like to mix EOs; even make a few via hydrodistillation. At times I think extravagance is within obscure EOs. Many times it is. However, this simple EO blend smelled so good I had to share it. 52.7 oz loaf, 34 oz oils - Cold Process - 1.5 T Kaolin clay EO binder 0.75 oz EO PPO .7 Star...
  12. MatthewDM

    Thoughts on this recipe

    I am a complete newbie. What are your thoughts on this CP recipe? What changes do you recommend? Anything you think I should add, omit? 30% olive oil pomace 30% coconut oil (76 degree) 15% castor 10% advocado oil 8% Shea butter (raw) 5% sunflower oil 2% jojoba Super fatted 3% with Shea butter...
  13. R

    Simple soap from pantry - need help with recipe

    I want to make some soap with what is on hand. I have Crisco shortening (all vegetable) - it is white with: soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed & soybean oils. I also have Olive oil (virgin) and canola & soybean oil and Lye. I was using the soap...
  14. C

    Hydroxide Issues + Shaving Cream Recipes

    Hi everyone, New to the soap making process (4 batches in). Making the following recipe with both KOH and NaOH: 5% Avacado Oil 5% Coconut Oil 10% Castor Oil 30% Palm Oil 50% Stearic Acid I tried a similar recipe last go round, but I keep getting too base (purple colour on the pH...
  15. B

    Wine or Champagne Soap Recipe needed

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a good soap recipe using wine or champagne. I have some great fragrance oils - Merlot and Pino Gris and Champagne but no idea of how to use the wine to mix with the lye/water Any one have a 2 pound soap loaf recipe for making wine soap??
  16. reneelouise

    HELP! Any one have a recipe using these oils?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a tried and true recipe for a soap using the better priced oil that I have access to here in Australia. Does any one have a recipe using olive, canola, rice bran, sunflower and/or coconut oils? I'm trying to keep my percentage of coconut oil low due to the ridiculous...
  17. S

    Moisturising Organic Recipe

    Hi all, I am new to making CP soap (only 4 batches so far!) but I've been doing a lot of research and would like to use the following oils to develop a bar that is organic, moisturising, creamy (but still pretty cleansing, If that's possible). I've been playing around with SoapCalc and have...
  18. sugarcandyskull

    Intense Hair Conditioner Recipe Request

    Good evening friends! I am looking for a recipe for intense hair conditioner. My hair is thick, long and time can be dry due to bleaching (which I do around every 12 weeks). Any advice on ingredients to use to help keep my hair in good conditioner or any recipes you can recommend would...
  19. H

    Dove beauty bar dupe recipe

    I just watched the video on Soaping 101 on how to recreate the Dove 1/4 moisturizing cream beauty bar but with natural ingredients. Sounds interesting. Has anyone tried this recipe or something similar? Can anyone clarify the big secret? The cleansing value is high but so is the SF. Is that it?
  20. C

    Beginners Recipe

    Hi all. I am new to soap making and hope some of you all could be kind and share a recipe or two. I made my first batch with Shea butter, coconut oil and allow oil. It is still soft and malleable (I made it over 4 weeks ago). It was suppose to be Xmas gifts so when I handed it out I just told...