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  1. I

    Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturiser recipe

    I was fortunate to speak to the cosmetic chemist who created Sucragel at SCS Formulate last week and picked up some formulating tips ....Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturizer recipe :-
  2. F

    Curl Definer idea-inspired by flax seed gel

    So I'm new to hair products and was inspired by Grayceworks flax seed gel (thanks) to make something to define the waves in my low porous type 2b waves. I made the following, it works really well and am offering the recipe to you all if you are interested in making it or can help me improve it...
  3. sweetaddy

    Maple CP Soap?

    Greetings soapers! One of my students is attempting to make a maple-based soap. Needless to say, it's not coming out too well because he's using Vermont Grade-A amber, and it appears that he's not been taking into account the decreased water ratio. As a result, the lye coagulates in a goopy...
  4. P

    Designing your own soap recipe?

    Hello all :) I am a big soap newbie, but am having fun messing around with some simple recipes and other bath/body recipes for the moment. If I eventually start selling my products (which is the dream in a few years once I have more experience!) I don't want to be selling another soaper's...
  5. S


    Has anyone ever incorporated kale or kale juice into a soap recipe?
  6. cursivearts

    Tips on Facial Soaps?

    I've gathered some stuff from searching past threads, like what clays are best for what, but a lot of the information seems to differ and I have yet to find any recipe suggestions, but maybe I am missing something. So a few questions: How much clay ppo do you like to use? When you use EOs...
  7. H

    Money Saver Needed: Snowcake Recipe?

    Hi there! I have a 15 year daughter old hooked on Lush products! Now were BOTH hooked on Snowcake. It's irresistible, but expensive at the rate were using it! Does anyone have a reliable melt and pour recipe for Snowcake? Or possibly a fragrance oil to add to my homemade soap? Specific brand of...
  8. N

    coconut milk and olive oil

    I am very much a newbie to soap making...and this forum. I've made some pretty good batches..but have also ruined a few too. I saw a vid on YouTube..making soap with frozen coconut milk and olive oil. She didn't mention the amounts of lye, milk etc...:Kitten Love: Does anybody have a simple recipe for...