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  1. K

    Un-molding Ease

    I don't know where I read it on the forums, but some Soapers are having difficulty with the un-molding phase of the soap. I was doing a deep dive on YouTube and found a lady who said she freezes her soap after it has set up, so the fancy designs on her soap don't get damaged. The soap...
  2. Nyknits

    Are butters effective in soap?

    Good morning from Long Island, NY! Hey everybody, I have taken the advice given and limited myself to simple soap recipes and one soaping process. I started with hot process at the end of May (I waited for the Mercury retrograde to be over) and have 4 batches under my belt. I’ve been handing...
  3. Box_Coop

    Printed stock boxes to fit your soaps

    We have partnered with Soap Equipment to create a line of stock, printed boxes designed specifically to fit their soap molds. Printed on the same high-quality paper we use for our custom box packaging, these boxes are printed in soft colors with subtle, repeating patterns designed to blend in...
  4. DWinMadison

    I am too stupid to breath!

    I've been wanting to pour some "hotel" soaps at 2.5" x 1.75" x .5" but don't really have the time to build a new mold and cutter. WELL, it just dawned on me. I just built a tall loaf mold that happens to be 2.5" w x 4.5" t x 13.5" l. SO, all have to do is pour half the oils that I usually do...
  5. Anika

    A question about dividers in a slab.

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting/building dividers because cutting soap is just not something I enjoy. So I figure dividers might work. The matter of design worries me. I looked around on the forums and one person did mention it pulling the design down. How is this avoided? Waiting until it sets up...
  6. T

    Cant find Freezer Paper in UK. Looking for alternative Lining solutions.

    Hi, I cant find freezer paper in the uk and was wondering what other uk soapers use to line their molds? My molds are 1.5 litre plastic loaf molds. I have tried parchmont paper and cling film (seran wrap) but neither worked well. (Parchmont wouldnt stick with tape and cling film ruffled...
  7. scott312

    Not sure if these silicone are good. Low priced I'm about ready to buy my first silicone molds. I didn't want to order junk.Our dear friends in China are experts at manufacturing low cost items as we all know. I would like to get some lard folk advice on these molds. Thank you guys
  8. ForTheDogs

    Aluminum molds - ok for M&P?

    Just browsing lazily through the aisles, as one does, I happened across the tin/aluminum loaf loaf shaped pie tin things. My mind starts whirring. Can these be used as molds for M&P? Has anyone ever used them before? If so, how did it work out? I just figured the wrinkles and contours...
  9. S

    Soap Making Resource Acrylic Molds (Australia)

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. For the Aussies in the forum, I am selling three 5lb Acrylic Soap Moulds originally purchased from...
  10. R

    Making test batches

    I am a beginning soaper and would like to make 1lb batches to test my recipes and my skills. Is a 1lb batch a good test of a recipe? Also, what can you use as a mold for this small of a batch? I want to produce a usable piece of soap to distribute to my testers.
  11. PrairieLights

    Large molds - where oh where

    I will probably post this on CP as well... Where can I find large molds (5 lbs - 10 lbs) for M & P soap? Has anyone tried the HDPE ones on ebay? Reasonably priced there but will they hold? I love the idea of using soap-making-resource's plastic molds for CP, but pricey and won't hold M & P.... I...
  12. S

    Any Thoughts Silicone vs. Plastic vs. Wood Rectangular Soap Molds?

    So I have been using a cheap silicone (12-squares) mold to make soap so far, and I want to try my hand at making a rectangular "loaf" of soap to cut into individual pieces. The main reason being, I think it would be easier to pour only once into a large rectangle instead of into 12...
  13. M

    When can I unmold?

    Hello all! This is my first time posting on this forum, although I have posted several times on TalkSoap forum several times this past week. I've been making bath bombs, lotion, sugar scrubs, etc for a while now, but I am very new to soaping and am trying to learn as much as possible. The...
  14. L

    PVC & milk soap

    I want to make a CP facial, goat milk soap. I would like to mold it in PVC. I am wondering about putting it in the freezer, etc??? Any suggestions...:confused:
  15. Lindy

    Milky Way Co-Op for Canadians

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. I am hosting a Co-Op for Canadians (American welcome but shipping from me will be from Canada). We need a minimum of $200 in order to get a 30%...
  16. E

    Nurture soap supplies molds

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you professional soapmakers are using the nurture supplies wooden mold with sillicone liner. I got my eye on the 15 pound triple loaf mold. I'm just wondering if it would be harder to get a complete gel with it since the sillicone walls are heavy...
  17. Kimberly6891

    Soap Molds

    Good Morning I did a little bit of searching and didn't find a thread that was already started about this topic, so I hope I didn't miss it, but I have to find out a little bit of information. I have only been actually MAKING soap for the past 2-3 months. In fact, I read a TON about it...
  18. J

    Best mold for GM

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie and I've just been lurking for the past couple of weeks, soaking up all the great info available here. You all are great and I've learned so much! I only have 2 batches CP under my belt, but I can already tell this is going to be a near obsession for me. Anyway...
  19. Cashie

    Molds for sample sized soaps?

    Hi All, If you got an order for 100 soaps at 1 to 1.5 ounces each, what type of mold(s) would you use?
  20. Lilfix

    Different Molds

    Hello All, I'm fairly new to soap making, so I've not strayed far from the typical mold containers (wood with freezer wrap), so I have a question about the other types of molds you can use, if any. I would like to make round bars and was wondering what I could use? I've heard PVC Pipe...