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  1. Keaaukb

    Advice for scaling up Goat Milk Soap to large batches

    I am currently working with 18-lb batches of cold process GMS and want to go bigger, (how big? I guess I’m here to ask what’s possible). I’m a bit hesitant and looking for pointers… I’ve been making cold- and hot-process soaps for several years, have the basics down and am happy with my soaps...
  2. Keaaukb

    Using Vinegar to harden Goat Milk Soaps

    I’ve read through many of the threads here relating to using vinegar as a hardener, I have found the calculations for water-based recipes. I’m wondering about how to adapt this for milk-based. I currently use 100% frozen goat milk to combine w sodium hydroxide. I can’t imagine that the milk...
  3. J

    Milk and Calcium Scum

    1. The calcium in tap water combines with soap to form soap scum. 2. Milk contains a lot of calcium. Nonetheless, 3. Adding milk to soap seems somewhat popular. Does it work well to add milk to soap? I would think it wouldn't turn out well. What's your experience with this? Do you end up with...
  4. SpaceCorgi94

    When dissolving lye into a water/milk mix, can I add the milk after the reaction has taken place with the water?

    Let's say a recipe I'm using calls for 50g lye, and 100g liquid (50/50 milk and water). Because it heats up, I risk scorching the milk. As such, is it worthwhile combining the lye and water, and waiting for it to cool down before adding the milk? Or should I stick with the method of combining...
  5. SpaceCorgi94

    First time using milk + First drop swirl

    2nd attempt at soap making! This is a cocoa + milk drop swirl, with pine fragrance. This time I tried a few different things including: - a drop swirl!! (wooo the thing I got into this hobby for yaay) - cutting down on the number of ingredients - substituting water with milk in my lye solution...
  6. Anstarx

    Idea: spoiled milk and fryer oil soap

    No I'm not crazy. Okay maybe a little. I can’t really say I’m ever a very environmentally conscious person. I will try not waste anything but I also use disposable items for daily life and for crafting. However, I came across a thread about using rancid oil for soap which really intrigued me...
  7. Molly Boggess

    Problems with itching/irritation in Bath Powder... what could it be?

    Hello all! First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the wealth of information on this forum! I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now without all of your tips and tricks. I've been messing around and creating my own batches of an all natural fizzing "bath powder", basically a...
  8. Iluminameluna

    My Bastille with cocoa and milk

    I'm looking for advice on how to incorporate the cocoa powder and the cinnamon I'm planning to use in this recipe. Also, why partially thaw the milk? I understood that it's better to add the lye to the frozen cubes. I'm confused . 350g batch Castor 5%, 17.5g CO76 10% 35 OO 30% 105 Palm 19%...
  9. Arwen Falvey

    Overheating help!

    I'm not new to soap making (started in 1997) but I don't often make soaps with goat's milk in them. This particular batch I'm working on has Goat's milk and honey in it. I made the batch and all was well so I threw it in the freezer for 18 hours to make sure it didn't overheat and scald the...
  10. B

    Tattoo soap? Can someone help?

    My friend is getting a tattoo and she requested that I make a batch of soap for her to use while it heals. I know it shouldn't have a strong fragrance but I did want it to have SOME fragrance, any ideas? Another thing is that I don't know if I should use milks or clays or any additives in the...
  11. handavaka

    Oatmeal, Coconut Milk and Honey CP

    This is my RE-designed and RE-formulated Oatmeal Coconut Milk and Honey Soap. I've made them bigger, packed with Colloidal Oatmeal, Creamy Coconut Milk and Honey! I also incorporated a Calendula Infused Oil. I just cut them, and impatiently waiting for their always. This is made...
  12. J

    Milk Soap for toddler and adult with Eczema?

    Hello All, I just started making soap and I am totally hooked. My coworker mentioned that her toddler and her husband both have eczema. Right away, I offered to make them some soap! I rushed home and started googling. I thought it would be easy to find advice on the best ingredients to use...
  13. J

    for hot process, when to add salt, sugar, milk?

    I plan to make hot process soaps mostly, so I can add my EO and superfats after the saponification has finished so they retain their scent/properties better. More work, and sadly, very limited design options. But I care more about the quality and use of the final bar than how pretty it looks...
  14. E

    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    I'm just about to give up on milk soap. I've experimented with every variable I can think of - warm milk, cold milk, half milk, full milk, frozen milk, milk-in-oil, adding milk at trace, water discount, no water discount, soaping cool, soaping warm, various mixing times, straining the lye...
  15. R

    Milk & cream (cow) use in soaps - the In's-N-Out's

    I'm really interested in making some moisturizing soaps and I know milk creams are notorious for it's moisturizing properties (some milks more than others). For those that don't know, whole milk has about 3.5% milk fat and heavy cream varies by brand from 36-42% from what I have found. I've...
  16. N

    Coconut Milk, Honey, Colloidal Oats Soap Never Traced!! Help!!

    Hello all, So, I am a newbie to the whole CP soap making. I have made 4 pretty great batches, so I tried to challenge myself by making a batch which involved coconut milk, honey, and layering. I did run into problems though. One layer never came to trace, and I ended up burning out the motor...
  17. S

    Sunny Honey

    Hi, I've been soaping for a couple of months now - this is one my latest creation- 'Sunny Honey'- oatmeal, milk and honey fragranced (I know it has air bubbles mixed colours etc!) 1st attempt at posting a pic so not sure if this will work! Sunny Honey by Karen Adamson, on Flickr
  18. T

    Has aanyone used this milk?

    Hi, had some left over evaporated milk from making mashed potatoes :) and was wondering of I could use it in my soap? Has anyone used evaporated milk before? To my understanding it is just milk that has had some of the water removed... so it should work. Right?:-?:???:
  19. H

    Milk fat anyone ?

    I could not sleep last night. I woke up at 4 a.m. and just like any good soaper I decided to continue on my quest for a perfect soap recipe. Lately I have been trying to figure out how to make the soap bubble without coconut oil - I find it drying at anything over 7-8% and I dont have PKO or...
  20. H

    Adventures with homemade coconut milk

    Hi everyone, so... Uh... Help... Find the perfect recipe is hard work but I almost did it... Almost... The recipe is for a goat milk soap that is moisturising, mild, cleans well...but the bubbles are too low. In an attempt to make it bubble more I added 5% castor, 3% sugar. Then I read that...