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  1. Vgurer

    Planning a fat free milk powder soap, any advice?

    I am planning to experiment a milk and honey soap with oat flour. (%55 or 60 olive oil, some castor oil, and some hard oils, coconut, cacao, shea may be) After reading what may happen with the milk. I asked myself a question: what is milk? some particles, fat and water. Since, evaporated zero...
  2. C

    Dehydrated goat milk

    Hi ya’all...newbie here. Has anyone dehydrated goat milk before? Is oily residue normal?
  3. LilianNoir

    "Double batter" soap?

    So... I have this idea, see... I think it would be kinda neat to a do a "cream in coffee" layered soap, with a bottom layer of coffee based soap, and a top layer of milk based soap. This would require of course, creating two separate batches of soap, and pouring the top one in before it...
  4. M

    What is the difference?

    I'm a beginner in soap making. I often like to look before I leap. I'm interested in making a soap with milk. I've watched several videos on soap making in general and I arrived at this question. In reference to super fatting and milk soap, what is the difference in making a basic bastille...
  5. C

    pools of oil in cp soap

    I have made a few batches of honey oat milk soap for the past year. My recipe would use at least 10% frozen milk of the total required liquid plus honey diluted in water. Diluted honey is always chilled before pouring it into my soap batter. And by the way, my total liquid is 33% of oils...
  6. J

    Milk Soap for toddler and adult with Eczema?

    Hello All, I just started making soap and I am totally hooked. My coworker mentioned that her toddler and her husband both have eczema. Right away, I offered to make them some soap! I rushed home and started googling. I thought it would be easy to find advice on the best ingredients to use...
  7. CelestaMoon

    oat milk and lye

    Hi, I have decided to make my first milk soap using 100% liquid of homemade oat milk instead of water "blending the oats and water then straining" i froze the milk the night before so i can use it in the morning. all seemed well until i added the lye. i added very slowly while stirring and it...
  8. M

    How long do I leave coconut milk soap in mold?

    Hello, I made 3lbs of Citrus Shampoo Bars last night. I used coconut milk in my lye mixture, instead of water. I am including the recipe below so you know exactly what is in it: 2oz Cocoa Butter 9oz Virgin Coconut Oil 11oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7oz Castor Oil 4oz Jajoba Oil 1oz Sweet...
  9. L

    PVC & milk soap

    I want to make a CP facial, goat milk soap. I would like to mold it in PVC. I am wondering about putting it in the freezer, etc??? Any suggestions...:confused: