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Aug 1, 2014
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I have decided to make my first milk soap using 100% liquid of homemade oat milk instead of water "blending the oats and water then straining" i froze the milk the night before so i can use it in the morning. all seemed well until i added the lye. i added very slowly while stirring and it instantly turned to a thick jam, pudding like base. it was so thick and grainy looking and smelled so bad of ammonia. i thought maybe it needed to sit and it'll turn more 'liquidy' but it didn't so i discarded it and decided to try a different approach by adding the lye to 50% water and adding 50% milk straight to the oils then pouring the 50% water and lye solution into the oils. this actually turned out beautiful, and stayed a beautiful creamy white, traced normally and no problems.

so my question is. my first attempt with the frozen milk, was it normal for it to thicken up like that? what did i do wrong?
and regarding my second method, is this a safe approach? is my soap safe to use when doing a 50% 50% in that way?

also, if this 50% 50% method is a safe method to make soap can i use this method when using fruit puree?


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Jun 18, 2013
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Idaho, USA
Yes, thats normal when using a starchy water replacement. As long as the lye dissolves, its safe to use. I prefer using the 50/50 method though, I feel the batter gets mixed better and you don't have to deal with the smell of the lye mixed with whatever sub you are using.
You can use the 50/50 method for any liquid substitute, thats how I use milk, beer, coffee and fruits.