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  1. soapdoughenthusiast

    Matisse blue nude cutouts MP soap

    Hi, I made melt and pour soap with an embed of Matisse's blue nude cutouts. The embed goes all the way through the bar. I used peppermint essential oil from Bramble Berry, the blue dye was also form there. The soap base is from New Directions Aromatics and it is a no sweat clear base.
  2. Mobjack Bay

    Syndopour shampoo syndet base testing

    My first round of Syndopour shampoo bars are made. The short story - the bars I made today turned out perfectly, but something went awry in yesterday’s effort. For context, Syndopour is a new melt and pour syndet base by Stephenson. There’s another thread by @earlene discussing Syndopour...
  3. TrueGold

    Help! What are these white bits?!

    Hello Everyone, Newbie here, I'm hoping someone could help me solve what this is (and excuse my naivety!): I've been making MP soap and love the process. I usually do base + fragrance oil + dye and leave them in the mould overnight before taking them out. Then it's packaged in a plastic...
  4. A

    Melt and Pour Colours

    Hello Does anyone use Zenicolor? I’m currently using Zenicolor 5 to colour my soaps and I’m starting to run out of some of the tubes. I’ve been looking at other options in the zenicolor range (zenicolor solo because I don’t use all colours in the zenicolor 5 pack). How does this compare to the...
  5. A

    Can you use CP soap as a base for M&P?

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could just make a generic CP soap with very good bubbles and lather, for example 90%Coconut oil, 10% Castor Oil, and some sugar, but NO superfatting, and then just melt it and add 5% of oils purely for conditioning, for example Shea Butter and Olive oil. Would it...
  6. R

    CP Soap seems much more expensive to make than melt and pour?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at the costs of making CP soap (which is my preferred option) but comparing it to melt and pour it seems far more expensive, is that right? For instance, assuming I did some bulk buying I can get organic coconut oil for around £7/l, and that's one of the cheaper oils it...
  7. Stuart Graham

    M&P Rice soap recipe questions

    Hi, I'm trying to make a rice soap using melt and pour glycerin. I'm reading so many different recipes and I'd like to try these ingredients besides rice: cinnamon powdered coconut orange or lemon zest Why, well let's say there is a desert based on rice (I think it's named rice pudding in...
  8. H

    Chamomile tea soap

    Hello, I want to make chamomile tea soap and want to Include ground up tea leaves in the soap. I am wondering if anyone has used the tea in tea bags or would you advise against it? I just thought maybe it would smell more like the tea, but I can't find anything to say if there's anything in...
  9. Lipgloss100

    soap on a rope with embeds - not sure which mold to use

    Hi there- Since I like to complicate my life, there's a specific soap that I want to make, but not sure about the best mold to use and was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction. I want to make Soap On A Rope with each soap containing an embed. I need the size of each soap to be...
  10. B

    Confusion about vanilla color stabilizer in MP

    Hi! Brand new to soap making. Have been doing melt and pour for about 2 weeks now. I have a question about vanilla color stabilizer that I can't seem to find the answer to. I know how to properly use it and have had experience using it. My question is, in what colors should I use it? I make a...
  11. B

    My soap smells like rubbing alcohol!

    Hi everyone! So, I'm brand new, and have been making melt and pour for about 2 weeks now. I've made a TON of soap, but I keep running into a problem with my soaps colored with mica or activated charcoal. I'm suspending the mica or charcoal in a small amount of rubbing alcohol so it won't clump...
  12. Anstarx

    MP soaps made for my students

    I made these MP soaps for my students as goodbye gifts back in June. They really loved these! My students are very young, aged 3-6 and most fall into 4-5 yrs old. I had parents telling me the soaps really encouraged them to wash their hands frequently lol. I also made popsicle and dinosaur...
  13. S

    Help required - suggest organic additives to prevent sweating in melt and pour soap

    I make organic soaps at home by melt and pour method. However, I live in India and during monsoons it attracts moistute through the plastic wrap I used for wrapping. The wrap is about 18 microns and stretch to some extent. I need to eradicate the sweating problem, either by applying a coat of...
  14. L

    New to M&P... question about Oils,jojoba, coconut,almond,newto soapmaking, M&P

    Hi everyone!!! I'm new to the soap making world, but am loving it so far!!! I've been practicing melt and pour soapmaking, I've gone through 25 lbs from Bramble Berry and just ordered another 25lbs from Bulk Apothecary. ( All of my friends and family have been receiving alot of soap from me!) My...
  15. T

    Playing Around With Melt & Pour Salt Bars

    Hi Everyone!!!! Happy 4th of July!!! I am super excited to share my newest recipe. I have been slaving away at trying to make a Salt Bar Recipe for Melt and Pour. So I have tried different amounts and types of salts and I think I found the perfect blend for me. I tested it on myself and love...
  16. J

    M&P frosting, cant get it right

    I'm new to melt and pour soaping and I really want to create cakes and cupcakes. I have tried and tried to make frosting, but I can't get it. I'm using melted white melt and pour base and liquid glycerine (2 tablespoons per every 4 oz. of m&p) and then I whip it with a hand mixer. But EVERY...
  17. S

    My transparent soap story.

    Hi! This is my first soap post. I’ve been trying to make transparent soap. Recipe went well and during cook, the soap was totally clear. I could see to the bottom of my pot and into China. Next with clarity test using cold water in a clear glass the soap looked like glass. Sounds great right...
  18. H

    Aggravated with M&P goat's milk

    I've tried using Stephenson's goat milk m&p twice now and so far hating it. Heated in micro using short 30 second bursts but goes thick before I can pour effectively in mold. I am aware of temp at 145 F best for pouring but it cools down way too fast. Would double boiler method give me more...
  19. P

    Melt and pour soap warping

    I poured some microwaved melted melt and pour soap into a rectangular mold. I waited for an hour before unmolding. It looked fine and just as I expected it to. Then progressively sometime over the next week I start to see the rectangular shape soap warp and bend. It distorts enough for me to...
  20. TheCandleGuy

    How to increase lather in glycerin M&P soap?

    I have been experimenting with soap making and I bought some Stephenson clear glycerin soap base. I've been experimenting for a couple of months, but I am not at all more than a little experienced. By itself the Stephenson's base is great. It lathers great and as expected. I do put some oils in...