MP soaps made for my students

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Jul 19, 2019
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I made these MP soaps for my students as goodbye gifts back in June. They really loved these! My students are very young, aged 3-6 and most fall into 4-5 yrs old. I had parents telling me the soaps really encouraged them to wash their hands frequently lol.

I also made popsicle and dinosaur shaped soaps but didn't take pictures. However, I did see more than one students tried to take bites of the popsicle soaps;). (I shrink wrapped everything tho.)

An ocean themed soap. Scented with ocean breeze, green tea, and mint.
The little sea shells and starfish are soap, too!

Amethyst soap scented with lavender and lemon.

The pink wass from madder root and the green, even through more yellow in the picture, was from matcha powder. Scented with Green tea, lily, and cherry blossom.
I'm no kid and I love em lol so I can imagine just how much they did. How thoughtful of you too :)
Those soaps look so fun! I can imagine the kids would want to wash their hands as often as they could with them:D