M&P frosting, cant get it right

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Jessica Loretta

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Jun 13, 2018
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I'm new to melt and pour soaping and I really want to create cakes and cupcakes. I have tried and tried to make frosting, but I can't get it. I'm using melted white melt and pour base and liquid glycerine (2 tablespoons per every 4 oz. of m&p) and then I whip it with a hand mixer. But EVERY time, it hardens as soon as I get started and just gunks up my mixer blades. There'sno way I could pipe it as its just a hard wad of fluff. What am I doing wrong?
Try liquid soap instead of glycerine. Castille LS works well. I know that is what my daughter would use in the beginning of her Cuppie days. The frosting worked but took a few additives to make it ship-able. Lots of trial and error
Yes frosting will get hard with some additives. My daughters cupcakes would ship in summer without the icing getting soft or falling off the cupcake. Sorry I know what she did, but I always promised not to tell, all I can say is research the food industry especially baking. Took my daughter well over a year to work it out, also m&p bases work differently so it takes a lot of experimenting. My only hint is the one above to use castille soap and do try different bases. I will tell you the clear base never worked well and she did not find that foaming whip would work, it either melted or went soft. Patience and lots of experimenting

I have been trying to get my daughter to write an e-book to sell. She has so many tip, tricks and successes but she still says no. Her marshmallow soaps are fantastic
Have been trying to get frosting right but it just doesnt become hard enough. I am using stephonsons crystal OPC and 1/4th quantity of Goats milk MP. Whipped it for good 20 mins and then poured over cakes. Its been a week but the frosting is still soft.
Please help