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  1. K

    Hello, totally new soaping student

    Hello! My name is Kat and I transition my crafty studies to encompass a new medium once every couple of years or so. I thought it would be good practice to a) learn how to become independent of the commercial premade soap supply chain, which is currently very stressed in America because everyone...
  2. Emma Cook

    Hi! I’m Emma!(:

    Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I’m 18 years old and currently studying business administration in college. :) I guess something that I will share about myself is that I am autistic! Being on the spectrum does interfere with my daily life, but it is a huge part of my personality! I’ve come...
  3. Keaton

    Just made my first batch 3 hours ago...

    I started out on a DIY natural beauty kick, and I was kicking around online in bed, planning out a whole two-step washing, clay and essential oil and blabla regimen. The first site recommended a face wash with liquid castile soap as the base. IDK how much it costs where y'all live, but even...
  4. S

    Hello from Maine

    Hello, my name is Carrie and I'm very excited about joining this group. My love of soaping grows more and more everyday. Looking forward to learning much and to share here too.
  5. Skittles

    Hello from WA

    Hello from a pretty new CP’er. My daughter and I bought some homemade soap over the Memorial Day weekend and it got me curious about the process. In June, my hubby and I did a date night “couples soap” class. My birthday is in early July, and hubby gave me gift cards to get my supplies. He and I...
  6. W

    Hello from Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hello soapers! I'm Wiwin (we-win) from Jakarta, Indonesia. I began interested in to soap-making about a year ago because my husband's skin is allergic to most of commercial soap. Diving head on, just jump in. Lots of trials and error (still formulating the right combination). Mostly because of...
  7. Peggyrae

    Southwest Girl joins SMF

    It was recommended that I post in the Introduction Forum so here I am! I have been making soaps since 2014 (wow, 5 years almost now). I have a small home based business in the Four Corners area of New Mexico called Man in the Moon Soaps (that is the reason I chose my current SMF avatar). I...
  8. geniash

    New here from California

    Hello fellow crafters! So glad to find this forum. I've been binge reading lye-based forum primarily but will check out the rest as well! I started middle of this year with soapmaking for home but the hobby quicky became a bit more intense. I tried selling my creations on a neighbor's holiday...
  9. sara.runs.wild

    Greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin!

    Hello! My name is Sara. I am so happy I found this forum. I own a small herbal apothecary (Wild River Apothecary) and herbal magazine (Home Herbalist) in North West Wisconsin. I made soap about 10 years ago when we were trying to grow our homestead. But gave it up because I decided to focus...
  10. Yolandi

    Hello from South Africa

    Hi All, My name is Yolandi and I just started a soap business from home, South Africa. I would love to extend it. I just love making all these beautiful products with my hands and love the feedback I get from customers after using the products. I actually started Soap making from a young...
  11. inkbookandsoap

    Hello, Soapy Friends!

    I'm Alexis, and I'm (obviously) new here :3 I've been intensely interested (dare I say, obsessed with) soaping for years. I made some MP bars back in the day, and loved it, but I really wanted to try CP. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good place for it, at the time, so I put it on the...
  12. Alison9712

    New from Oregon

    Greetings, I'm new to this site, from Oregon. I made my first batch of CP soap about 15 years ago, and made a few batches since then. I recently got out all my supplies, bought some new molds and made a batch of Olive Oil soap, and tried a new (to me) recipe for goat milk soap. I have many...
  13. Omneya

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hello, I think I am new here..lol. If I am not, then I just wasn't ready to be active. I have been making CP soap since last November. Before that was melt and pour and before that was just essential oil's for my daughter's skin condition (Hidradenitis Suppurativa‎) Although that is still...
  14. G


    Hi, Hope You all fine, I am George new to in this forum, I love to talk with others and share my business with the people's, through this purposes I can convey my best knowledge with the others.:):)
  15. WanderlustSoaps

    Hello World...

    Well Hello Everyone, My name is Ken and I’m stationed in Virginia, USA. A little about me, then how I got the soaping bug. I have been in the US Navy for 20+ years now. Started as a Nuclear Engineer, then a Steam Engineer, and for the last 14 years I have been a Gas Turbine Engine...
  16. K

    Hello from Clayton , North Carolina!

    Hello, my name is cody. I began making soap in early January 2016 and have branched out from there. Making other bath and body products as well. I am very excited to be apart of the SMF to learn more about soap making from those who have perfected the trade. Seeing everyones posts and individual...
  17. ForTheDogs


    Hey! My name is Cookie and I've been playing with MP for a couple of months. Kinda getting the hang of it, but keen to learn. The better bars I make I sell to aid the rescue dogs in my care, hence my handle. Apologies in advance if you see me spell words like favorite, colour, and so on...
  18. S

    Thanks for accepting me into the group!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to say hi, thank you for allowing me into the forum. I've been soaping for about two years, but have just begun selling. I'm taking it very slow because I still work full time. This really started as a hobby that kind of got on steroids really fast! Love soap making...
  19. S

    Hiya from sunny Ireland!

    I'm new to the forum and this is my first post, I'm a bit nervous so wish me luck. I'm delighted to have joined and look forward to sharing my soap obsession/addiction with you all.
  20. msidahocgirl

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I'm brand new to the whole concept of making soap yourself! I am so new that I haven't even made my first batch yet! :shock: I've heard from others in my area, Twin Falls, Idaho, that no one was willing to buy the person's soap. Not sure why, if it was the...