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Mar 19, 2020
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Hello! My name is Kat and I transition my crafty studies to encompass a new medium once every couple of years or so. I thought it would be good practice to a) learn how to become independent of the commercial premade soap supply chain, which is currently very stressed in America because everyone is hoarding due to coronavirus b) when I have my recipes and basic chemistry down, learn how to make enough liquid soap, hand sanitizer, detergent and bar soap to intermittently supply immediate family/friends/neighborhood community in need. I don't think it's the end of days precisely, but maybe a time of plenty is either over or at pause, and more people need to learn solid trades instead of relying on a commercialized system.

I have always been intrigued by the super gentle qualities of handmade soap, in fact it's only artisan handmade soap that started my whole skin clearing process as I am prone to sensitive skin/oily breakouts. I prefer to support the efforts of small batchmakers than buy super expensive skin care. I love handcrafted soaps with swirls of color or transparency, but understand sometimes your most utilitarian soap isn't going to be the prettiest, and it actually requires some moderate knowledge of chemistry and chemical reactions to properly and safely make soap.

So I am studying.

I'm doing some heavy reading of your forum and online recipes, and I purchased what seems to be a highly technical book, "The Ultimate Guide to Liquid Soap"

I have a new crockpot sitting in the attic, and I plan on making a "shopping list" of things like the two kinds of lye (for solid soap and liquid soap), maybe a good immersion blender, some containers and molds, and other such things. If you as a learned/advanced soapmaker have ideas or wisdom to bestow upon me, feel free, please wax grandly with details, and things like "what I wish I knew when going into soapmaking for the first time."

Other than that please feel free to check out my DeviantArt gallery of where I've been artistically for the past decade or more. or follow me on Facebook,

Cheers and light to all,

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