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Dec 3, 2018
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Colfax, WI

My name is Sara. I am so happy I found this forum. I own a small herbal apothecary (Wild River Apothecary) and herbal magazine (Home Herbalist) in North West Wisconsin.

I made soap about 10 years ago when we were trying to grow our homestead. But gave it up because I decided to focus more on my family and the herbal medicine side of things. Now with my own apothecary, I have clients and customers as well as family and friends would want me to bring the soap back. So here I am, trying to formulate delicious soaps (should a soap be delicious? LOL:D) without the use of fragrance oils or synthetic chemicals. I have to admit, I love the idea of the soap from the Practical Magic books by Alice Hoffman. Check her out if you don't know about the stories.

I hope I can meet some amazing new people and learn some great tricks. Maybe we can bounce ideas off each other on how to incorporate herbs into soap.

Thanks for letting me join what appears to be a great community.
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