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  1. Suchisam

    Soap Frosting

    I made a batch of soap but didn't like the frosting so I cut it off and now I'd like to redo it but I'm not sure if there's some kind of time limit. The soap also gelled, not sure if that makes a difference.
  2. MellonFriend

    How to Tell if it Gelled

    So, I'm having trouble understanding whether my bars gelled. The first batch, I know did because I checked on it hours after I put it in the mold and it looked wet all the way out to the edges. Now the second two batches, I'm just not sure. I checked on them about two-three hours after I put...
  3. straub&wood

    Partial gel... every single batch :(

    I seem to never get either fully gelled batch or avoid gel altogether. So I followed someone’s advice in this forum yesterday and after pouring, put my batch in the garage for the night. It was around 30F I think. I cut it just now and it still partially gelled:( I did spend about 10 minutes...
  4. A

    Avoiding Gel Phase

    What is the best method to prevent gel phase? I want to keep the nice creamy colours of ungelled soaps but have found leaving it out on the worktops creates a partial gel. Did a test tonight, soaped at room temp, poured into loaf mould, sprayed with 99% alcohol then put it in the freezer. I’ve...
  5. T

    Heating oils for gel phase

    I want to try gelling my next batch of soap, since I usually soap at room temperature at no higher than 85 degrees fahrenheit and I want to expand on my practice and technique. I have a stupid question - how would I go about heating my oils while making sure I don't alter their integrity? Would...
  6. spiritpots

    gel phase question

    I'm new to soap making and just unmolded and cut my fourth batch of CP soap and notice that the bars have a darker edge around all sides. This recipe for lavender mint soap includes avocado oil and a little cocoa butter in addition to olive, coconut and castor oils. I made this soap six days ago...
  7. Devivi

    Beginners gel phase question

    I’ve made two batches of cp soap so far so i am obviously still learning! Sorry this is kind of long... My first batch of soap (coconut sunflower and olive oil) i mixed when the lye water was still rather warm to the touch, placed the mix into a glass bowl (pyrex brand) wrapped in an old cotton...
  8. Emma Cook

    New Soaper Here! Any advice welcome!

    Hello all! My name is Emma and I have just recently started making cold process soap. I started as a way to cope with the stress of university and I have absolutely fallen in love with it! I am a newbie, so I have a few questions: Where can I find soap recipes? Or learn how to formulate my...
  9. EllieMae

    Weird gel phase?

    Hi all! I just unmolded my third batch of cold process soap ever and it looks WEIRD! I’m assuming this has something to do with the gel phase (maybe?) but I haven’t been able to find anything about this particular weird pattern. Can anyone help me out with what could have happened here...
  10. Mestiza Girl

    First Batch! Questions

    Hope everyone is having a great day so far! I'm excited to say I have finished pouring in my first batch of Wild Rose soap! Pictures attached. Now the hardest part is playing the waiting game while it gels. :( One thing I did have a question about was the gel phase. I live in a fairly cool...
  11. Meena

    Question about Mango Butter and Gelling

    I used mango butter yesterday for the first time, and my 24 hour old soap is still too soft to cut (dents easily), and the bottom is a little sticky-ish. Does mango butter take longer to 'dry' and unmold/cut than, say, palm? Second, I have been assuming that i've been getting gel because my...
  12. Madelyn Cole

    What if your soap doesn't reach gel phase?

    Made my first batch in years today and it's been several hours and it does not appear to have gone through gel phase. Below is the recipe. Used's calculator. Total water: 190 g/ 6.7 oz Total lye: 70 g/2.47 oz Total Oils: 500 g/17 oz Eucalyptus Spearmint FO from MMS...
  13. bizarrebunny

    preventing gel with water discount

    I just read somewhere that you can use a water discount to prevent gel. Does the same apply if I'm using coconut milk instead of water? Thanks Zoe
  14. bizarrebunny

    partial gel in cut soap

    I just cut a slice of my first soap in half to make it a better size and discovered that it looks like it partially gelled. But I'm confused because the gelled part is running down the centre of the sliced soap. There was no sign of gel when I first cut the soap, 24hrs after I made it, so the...
  15. Deborah Long

    Gel Phase?

    Hi, new to the forum and rather new to soap making and brand spanking new at making CP soap. I've been making M&P for about 1 1/2 years now and decided it was time to make the leap into CP. I've found that the new SLS free formulations of m&p soap just don't lather well (so my hubby says)...
  16. H

    Gel Phase or something else?

    Oi, I'm relatively new to the whole "Fat + Lye = Soap" thing and I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is Gel phase or something else. I placed the soap in the after oven right after making it for 45 minutes and my hypostasis is that this is a partial gel phase, but I don't know if...
  17. M

    questions on hp soap

    so i decded to check out hot process soap and i have a few questions that i havent been able to find the answers to yet so if your making hp soap is taking the gel phase out does that mean that once your hp soap cools you are able to cut it without any gel phase happening again? please add any...
  18. candicec003

    CP salt soap

    Hi, I'm interested in making a salt bar but I'm a soaper who intentionally avoids gel phase. I'm wondering if the salt bars have to go through gel phase or not. Also any feedback on salt bars would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. C

    Gel phase in cp soap

    Good day everyone! Just a quick question. How long should a cp soap stay in gel phase? I did an egg shampoo bar yesterday, which was molded around 5:30 PM. It's almost 24 hours and my soap is still gel-like. I am guessing it is overheated. I have done a few batches of this kind of cp...
  20. Purplerain

    to gel or not to gel and to heat or not to heat

    OK. So I have to throw my first batch out. As a painter I know that everything is rehearsal so I'm ok with that. The next will be better. I do like to study up though and in reading through post after post, I have two big questions that come up that I really can't figure out the answers to...