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  1. HLN80

    My very first batch ever!!

    Cp Goat’s milk soap, I poured it about 2 hours ago! So excited! My daughter did the coloring and swirling
  2. KimT2au

    Ricing and not tracing

    Hi, .I am having mosf unproductive and snnoyannday at soap making. I am attaching some photos and hopefully a video of a batch that keeps ricing and will not stay at trace. This is the fourth time I have made this recipe and there are three things that have changed. This batch is smaller, I...
  3. GVKW

    Soleseife soap using soft oils... is it possible?

    Hi all! Trying to formulate a recipe for a client's special request custom batch - he wants a soap that looks like sushi rolls, with as-authentic-as-possible ingredients. I've always got avocado and rice bran oils and I've already sourced salmon oil, but I still need hard oils, even though...
  4. GVKW

    Are there any dupes for Neutrogena Body Oil's scent?

    It's my boyfriend's absolute favorite and I have no idea how to recreate it for CP...
  5. GVKW

    Can Sodium Lactate be added to FOs during prep?

    I'm still just having the darnedest time remembering to add sodium lactate to my lye liquid before soaping. Before I waste a couple ounces of fragrance oils experimenting, does anyone know of issues/problems that may arise from adding SL to your FO during prep instead of waiting to stir it...
  6. cmzaha

    Done with Lard_maybe

    I think I am finally done with lard even though I love my 45/22% Tallow/Lard and love the slow trace. Problem is, when I have a slow selling selling and smell an off smell in the soap it is always one with lard. Even my husband told me to stop using lard. :( It is not coming down with dos, just...
  7. GVKW

    Can you use Neutrogena Body Oil to make CP soap?

    Obviously it's a soft oil, so you would need to cut it with some harder ones like coconut and babassu, and I'm guessing the lovely fragrance wouldn't survive intact, but still... *If* one were gonna attempt it, could I use sesame oil in the calculator (with a healthy percentage of superfat to...
  8. GVKW

    Can Sodium Lactate be added to CP soap at light trace?

    I just tried a new recipe of my own devising for a coffee scented soap and (of course!), in the thick of things, I forgot to add the sodium lactate before combining my lye liquid and oils! I was at a very light trace when I realized my error and figured "aw, heck, what can it hurt?", so I put it...
  9. Jenn Lee

    Help making beautiful swirls in CP soap

    Good morning all! I have been making cp soap for about 6 months now and it's definitely got me hooked! Every time I try to make swirls I fail in some form or fashion. I've read about starting at a lower temperatures, with a very thin trace, making sure to only use EO/FOs that do not...
  10. Jenn Lee

    Fragrance & Essential Oil Supplies

    I recently started making soap - mmm - 6 months ago. I have been stocking up on my supplies of fragrance and essential oils. I wanted to point out one which I do not particularly care for and ask about one that I haven't tried much of their stuff. First, Mel's Candles FOs. I like their...
  11. B

    Aspiring soap maker

    Hello all! I have recently discovered soap making and I would love to learn how to do it. I have done lots of research into the craft. I have decided to start with MP just to get a general idea but would eventually like to dive into CP. I’m just looking for general tips, tricks and...
  12. S

    CP Soap Curing time Speed up Possible??

    Hey all! I was once reading an article about a lady who mistakenly put her fresh batch of CP Soap in her microwave oven and 'cooked' her soap in the preheated oven and apparently was able to wave off 3-4 weeks of curing time. This got me thinking about the benefits of curing of the soap...
  13. Zing

    help unmolding from plastic yogurt containers

    I use small plastic yogurt containers for my excess CP soap (that includes sodium lactate) that doesn't fit into the "nice" molds. I wait 7 days, put in the freezer for 20 minutes, but it still sticks to the bottom and was a lumpy mess. I'll just use it for personal use but am wondering if you...
  14. Misschief

    I have an idea

    First... mods, I'm not quite sure where to post this because it involves both cold process soap and m&p. If you think it should be moved, please, feel free. So... I want to combine cp soap with some m&p. (I've never worked with m&p) Basically the m&p will be a layer on the top (or bottom, as...
  15. deebop

    Over fragranced!

    So. I'm new here, (hello!) my name is Dee and I recently started making soap. I'm really enjoying it so far and haven't had any (real) problems thanks to the existence of lye calculators! Anyway one of my batches was a simple water based soap with coconut oil, shortening and olive oil. I used...
  16. Greenmeadow

    A Tropical garden soap

    My latest CP soap made last weekend , lemongrass and lime FO 75% , lemon EO 20% , bergamot EO 5% with a blend of pastel dyes . Feedback very welcome , thanks X
  17. Desirae

    Using apple cider in soap?

    So I was thinking what better way to bring in the cold weather season by making cp using apple cider instead of water. So has anyone else done this? Was it a successful in working? And most importantly if no fragrance oil is used can you smell the apple cider in the cured soap? I...
  18. J

    Palm and Palm Kernal Oil

    A few years ago, I started my cp soap making journey, was super enthusiastic bought books and books and mountains of supplies, because after all, I am going to have all kinds of time to devote to this hobby of course! My books all generally skip over the properties of coconut oil,Palm oil...
  19. J

    Dry crumbled soap

    Hi, I have been making CP soap for about a month now. I have had much success, but 2 failures today. I have a question about one of them though. I un molded my loaf today and cut it, the loaf is dry and a crumbled. After the loaf was poured in the mold and insulated it also kind of all...
  20. J

    Alkanet Colorant - % in soap

    Could some one let me know,what % of Alkanet powder or Alkanet infused Olive oil to mix in a pound of soap,to get a Lavender/Purple shade. I made Alkanet infused Olive oil (Hot infusion with using 4tsp alkanet powder in 8 oz olive oil). >And used 6 tbsp of this infused oil in around 800ml of...