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  1. J

    My soap won't harden

    Hi there I also facing the same problem here, the soap won't get harden. I have been making many batches of soap and all came up so well. But what happening right now is i follow all the process and ingredients, the soap is difficult to get trace, even though using hand held blender for about...
  2. C

    cp soap stuck in wooden mold

    I am posting this for future reference to newbie soapers like me, and to share my experience as well. So, this is my cp soap at 34% lye concentration (water only), with castor, coconut 76 degrees, cocoa butter, olive oil, rice bran and sunflower oils, scented with essential oil blend, colored...
  3. C

    pools of oil in cp soap

    I have made a few batches of honey oat milk soap for the past year. My recipe would use at least 10% frozen milk of the total required liquid plus honey diluted in water. Diluted honey is always chilled before pouring it into my soap batter. And by the way, my total liquid is 33% of oils...
  4. C

    honey oat milk soap ricing edition

    I have made a few batches of honey oat milk soap, cold process. last night, i made 2 1-kilo batches testing a new fragrance oil. The first batch didn't have much of a problem that i didn't antipicate. The second batch was a different story. Both batches have almost the same ingredients, except...
  5. SoulsticeSoaps

    Soap Curls Epic Failure

    Yep, just like the title reads, I have recently tried attempting soap curls and achieved an epic failure. If anyone has experience making soap curls out of cp soap, please hand over some tips, tricks and guidelines to help me. Primarily I am concerned with how long after you unmold the soap...
  6. M

    Help! What happened!?

    Ok- I had this happen to me for the second time....and this time it was on 37#s of soap and I could scream, or cry...or both! Anyways, it's been the same fragrance and color scheme both times: NG Flower Child FO Recipe: 25% coconut, 25% palm, 25% olive, 15% cocoa butter & 10% avocado oil...
  7. CelestaMoon

    oat milk and lye

    Hi, I have decided to make my first milk soap using 100% liquid of homemade oat milk instead of water "blending the oats and water then straining" i froze the milk the night before so i can use it in the morning. all seemed well until i added the lye. i added very slowly while stirring and it...
  8. CelestaMoon

    Cinnamon EO in CP Soap

    Hi soapers, I have just whipped up a batch of cinnamon cold process soap but i am so scared and nervous that i may have used too much cinnamon EO. it was a pretty small batch it made about 30oz and i added about 2 tablespoons of cinnamon eo. it is cinnamon bark, can anyone tell me if this was a...
  9. Purplerain

    to gel or not to gel and to heat or not to heat

    OK. So I have to throw my first batch out. As a painter I know that everything is rehearsal so I'm ok with that. The next will be better. I do like to study up though and in reading through post after post, I have two big questions that come up that I really can't figure out the answers to...
  10. M

    Too much Castor Oil

    Hi. I'm new here. I made soap years ago and just started again around this time last year. Tonight, I did something Ive never done before. I used up a a partial bottle of olive oil and opened a new one to finish the amount. Later when I was cleaning up, I realized, I'd opened a new bottle of...
  11. F

    Favourite Superfat?

    Do you have a general SF you like to stick to? I tend to use 7% (most of my recipes use around 20-25% coconut oil) - wondering if this is higher, lower, or on par with most? What is the highest you have used with a batch (assuming it's not one with a higher-than-usual coconut oil content)?
  12. P

    Smell in Lavender Soap

    I made a batch of CP soap using Lavender EO. I start using the soap after curing for 3mth and smell of lavender is still. During shower, the lavender smell is there but after washing, there is no more smell of lavender on my skin. Any advice how to have the lavender smell on the skin...
  13. F

    Stearic Acid vs. Sodium Lactate

    Looking at ordering one or the other - do you have a preference? What is the main difference between the two in terms of hardness, pros & cons? I have never used anything for a harder bar so would love a bit of insight between the two! Thanks guys!
  14. C

    Using home-grown lavender in CP soap?

    My mother-in-law is home-growing some lavender plants, and while she was showing them to me she wondered aloud if I would be able to use them in my soap. Has anyone had experience in using fresh lavender plants to scent their CP soap? We thought maybe if we let the leaves (or maybe even the...
  15. MindBodyGarden

    Palm Oil

    Hi Everyone I have been a follower of this forum for some time and just decided to jump in and sign up, so HELLO!! I've been soaping for about year (read up and about it for a year or so BEFORE that), and I just recently realized I may need some more help... I recently heard that I...
  16. B

    Using beer as your liquid

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new here and have been making soap for about 4 months now, both bar and liquid, so I am no where near a expert! I have been reading some recipes where they are using beer as the liquid. My question is; what benefits are there from using beer in your soap? I am in need...
  17. L

    What causes the spots?

    Hi everyone, I've been making cp soap for a while, and each time when I cut the bar I notice the small spots. It shows especially when I use color. The soaps are great to use, and after a rinse the spots disappear, but it doesn't look good. Help?
  18. Beany

    Bay Rum

    One more for today...I find it so inspiring to look at all of the soap pictures everyone posts! It's fun to share as well. Here is my Bay Rum with Sea Clay soap. I made it in a slab mold and HATED it when it was first unmolded...it was cut unevenly and it had serious ash in the first few...
  19. Beany

    Desert Sunrise

    Finally!!!! I have a moment to post a pic or two of my latest projects. Here is one I have called Desert Sunset. It is scented with Sandalwood FO and Patchouli EO. Trying out my new photo box too!
  20. Alprinceton


    I used "Terra Pozzuoli" clay, FeO and Titanium dioxide to make these tiger stripes. Coconut oil, lard, castor oil, salt, sugar, soy cream FO: Madagascar Spice