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  1. Mobjack Bay

    Colorant questions for shampoo and conditioner bars

    I’m trying to decide if I should buy new colorants for coloring the shampoo and conditioner bar bases I’m experimenting with. I’ve seen shampoo bars with micas and oxides which is what I used for my first round of testing. Getting the oxides evenly dispersed was a little bit of a challenge, but...
  2. goat soap rulz!

    Best colorants for CP soap?

    Hey yall! It's me again! I recently got into coloring soap, but have been making soap for 3 ish years. And I have found it extremely overwhelming to find colorants... I got the royal upgrade from mad micas, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but the TD wasn't very pigmented. I have used almost all...
  3. Emma Cook

    Question about Colorants

    I’ve gotten several batches under my belt, but there’s still one thing I’m a bit confused about... Maybe it’s just me overthinking, but I’ve been wondering if there’s a “right” way to add colorants to soap. For example, I’ve read that it helps to mix colorants with a carrier oil, but my bars get...
  4. Halibaal

    Mad micas sizes?

    I think this is the best place to ask, but if anyone has a fairly broad range of Madmicas could they do me a favor? I am having a hard time visualizing their products for the purpose of knowing just how much it is i need to buy. Would folks be willing to line up their various sizes of mad mica...
  5. bathgeek

    Powdered Pigments in Candles

    Hi folks, I branched into candles (yup, another newbie). I do wicked and wickless candles for the kinky crowd (wickless candles go in water baths or are melted with heat guns). (It's a TON of fun. Think pedicures with paraffin wax, only this is all over your whole body... ^_^) I have a soy...
  6. cmzaha

    Coloring Solid Shampoo

    While surfing around the internet for shampoo bars syndet or lye based, I have noticed something interesting. Which is, many are colored quite heavily with all different colors This made me wonder if anyone knows the point of heavy color in shampoo? So here is a short explanation. Purple and...
  7. Madelyn Cole

    How do you choose the right colorants?

    Just getting back into CP soap making after many years and trying to learn about all the different colorants appropriate for CP soap. Of all the choices - micas, oxides, FD&C, D&C, pigments, liquid lab colors - I don't know how to choose. Many sites that sell these products just don't provide...
  8. McLasz

    Mica, FO & Vanilla Stabilizer Questions?

    Hi All- I'm new to this forum and to soap making, and like so many others I have watched a year of videos (at a rather obsessive rate), and read and taken notes on all of the books that people have recommended, and I think I am now ready to try my first batch. I have all of the things I need to...
  9. M

    Can a mica or oxide affect trace?

    I have used clays and other organic ingredients to color my soap in the past. I wanted to branch into using micas and oxides. My first attempt totally seized and ruined my design. So I need all the tips I can get on working with colorants.
  10. P

    Where to purchase colorants?

    I'm not sure where exactly I can buy my colorants from online. I use a lot of lake dyes, but i'm open to trying some other types of colorants if someone has links? It would be appreciated. The one I have now is one I buy locally and I don't much care for how much I have to add to get any...
  11. K

    Soap Slippery and Mica Particles??

    Hello, Ok - I am VERY new to all of this. I actually by experience am a card maker - but my paper crafting led me to party favors which led me to a request for soap for a baby shower. So I purchased melt and pour soap (Shea Butter) and some essential oil and some Mica for coloring. First...
  12. M

    fd&c's...throw them out?

    Hi! These boards are amazing, thanks y'all for saving me time and money and keeping me from losing sleep about my soap fails- it's so easy to find out here what went wrong! Question: I have a few super concentrated fd&c pigment powders that I bought when I was a newbie from a food store (who...
  13. M

    Time to add some color and design

    I am just beginning to add some colorants and design into my soaps and wanted to get some input. Do you prefer micas or pigments or what and why? How do they compare in cold processed soaps? What suppliers do you use for these products? Thanks for any input you provide.
  14. S

    Confused on how to label melt and pour soap

    I am new to the soap making business and am a little confused on how to label my products. I know there are many threads on this but I cant find any examples on labeling products. If I used a soap that has Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified...
  15. thomasgable

    Oxides, Micas, and More Oh my!

    So I have used primarily oxides and ultramarines and feel confident I know how to use them for the color shade I want. That said, I would like to grab some micas that might add a bit more vibrance to my soap. However I have just been nervous about using them because I heard they tend to morph in...
  16. M


    As soap makers we have many options for colorants - natural, labcolor, micas, etc. However, the latest trend in soaping is to offer products that are as natural/pure as possible. Natural colorants unfortunately do not offer bright and vivid colors as a mica or lab color would. What are you...
  17. DameChatelaine

    I can't seem to make purple work! I need help!!

    I need help. (I am doing CP) I am using Crafters Choice™ Matte Lavender Pigment Powder. At 1st I added 1 tsp (straight powder) to my oils and it turned brown (even before I add fragrance). Then I watched a SoapQueenTV video where she mixed 1tsp to 1/3 cup of glycerin. She said you had...
  18. cursivearts

    Favorite Colorants and Suppliers?

    I am starting to find some lovely scents and I've got some of my basic recipes down to where I am very happy with them, but I am still experimenting with colors. I find I prefer the powder colors (to me less messy and easy cleanup). I am all for natural, micas, oxides, pigments, so I wanted to...
  19. B

    natural coloring with spices...

    I'm curious about coloring with spices like paprika,cinnamon,ginger & others.Oh and clay's would be great to know about tea, coffee & cocoa 2. If you color with these natural colorants how did it turn out and do you like the results of the soap & color? I love pictures 2 if you want.I'm...
  20. P

    Does anyone know...

    ...if dried dandelion petals stay yellow in CP soap like calendula petals or do they turn brown like rose petals?