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  1. E

    Newbie question about cleaning your tools

    Hi y’all! I’m new. Here and to soapmaking. 😅. I’ve seen so much amazing info in my two days on this forum, so first want to say thanks for all your experience and great knowledge you share. You make a daunting project seem less so. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I just didn’t find...
  2. H

    Wooden floor White soap

    I recon it’s a Scandinavian thing with lathering up our pine floors - I have already made a cleansing, just slightly superfatted lye/lard batch that cleans like a dream, but I want to add a whitening compound. Titanium oxide perhaps? Normally a white soap here in DK will be liquid, so I dont...
  3. J

    Cleaning up equipments!

    How do you clean up after soap making? I get lumps and chunks in the measuring cups after i pour it into the mould. Do i just flush them down the drain? I'm afraid that it is going to choke the pipes. Or am i doing something wrong that is causing it to have a mash potato texture?
  4. JillK

    Help with cleaning

    I am new to soap making and thought I would start off easy. I made some salt scrubs that my daughter absolutely loves. Ok. Doing good. Next I made some foaming liquid soap. It turned out great. Need to do some minor tweaks , but that's part of the learning curve. Here's my problem. I washed...
  5. K

    Removing Fragrance Oil

    Does anyone have a recommendation for how to remove fragrance oil from a large stainless steel wax melter after making soy candles?
  6. C

    1780c - 1800c pewter mold help? Candle corrosion

    Hello, I am using a antique 30 hole pewter and pine wood mold. I noticed that the very bottom of the tip of the mold is starting to corrode inside and making the tip of my candles not so pretty. I am using hot soap and water to clean it and a silicone mold releasing spray.. is the spary braking...
  7. B

    How to Clean up After a Spill in kitchen

    Hi, Yesterday I was attempting my first batch of cp soap. When I had just combined the oils and lye solution I used a stick blender and did not realize it was not completely submerged in the mixture. When I turned it on, the mixture splattered a few places, mainly on the floor with a little...
  8. M

    Cleaning up is a pain in my butt :( Help!

    So now that im making soap again I hate the cleaning part. Was wondering what you guys do to make it a bit easier? I try to clean it right away but it's still a pain. The bowls are all oily and no matter how many times I scrub I cant get them clean :/ They still feel all oily and nasty. Also if...
  9. D

    Lye solution container

    I am new to CP soap making. I used a #5 plastic container to mix the lye solution. There was a hard crust at the bottom that I couldn't get out with the spatula. Plus, how does one clean up the container? I ended up throwing it away, but that's not right, nor good for the environment.
  10. H

    cleaning your utensils

    I did my first MP soaps....I have dried soap base on the Pyrex cup and my spatulas and other utensils that I used to make my 4 bars and I can't see myself scrapping the dried soap off any more then I have been. How do you get that dried soap off. Is putting it in hot water enough? will it...