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Jan 11, 2013
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I am new to CP soap making. I used a #5 plastic container to mix the lye solution. There was a hard crust at the bottom that I couldn't get out with the spatula. Plus, how does one clean up the container? I ended up throwing it away, but that's not right, nor good for the environment.
The hard crust could've been unmixed lye. Did you stir it until it was all dissolved? If you don't stir completely, the lye will settle and form a crust. Don't ask me how I know ... :)
I just rinse my lye bucket out with hot water to clean it. I used to wash it with detergent until I read on the forum about someone getting "floaters" in their lye mix and they determined it was the detergent leaving a residue. I used a permanent magic marker to write LYE all over the bucket and it's stored with my other soaping stuff so it's never used for anything but lye.

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