Lump o' Coal for the naughty ones (rebatch)

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Jul 19, 2019
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This soap was made following Soap Queen Tutorial. (link)
I made a batch of hideous loofah soap back in September. It was made with rice bran and honey. Lather and washes well but so hideous I refused to use them.


Look at these hideous bars!

So I left them alone and forgot about it. Later I read Soap Queen's lump of coal tutorial and figured I could finally get some use out of those ugly soap!
I grated the soap down as much as I can, throw them in my slow cooker with some water, charcoal powder, then scented with vanilla and sandalwood FO.

You can still see some uncolored bits in there as I was't very patient when stirring-all those grating took out every ounce of patience I have!

I was going to give these as a gag gift for my young cousin-she sure is a naughty one- but unfortunately I realized my slow cooker was peeling when I was cleaning it. The black coating, probably the non-stick peeling coating, was peeling in multiple places! It was a rather new cooker and it was still intact last time I used it, meaning there might be pieces of peeled coating in my soap! So these soaps can only go back to my soap shelf again for display. What a cycle of life!

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