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  1. WhittanyWho

    Beer and Hard Cider Soaps

    These behaved better than any beer soaps I’ve ever made before. I’m just a little excited at how these turned out. This one is made with truck stop honey ale, scented in Kentucky bourbon, and colored with mad micas. This one is made with angry orchard hard cider, scented in an Aqua di gio...
  2. goldendaddie

    I finished my first batch of soap!

    I did it - I made soap! My first batch (on June 7th) was a beer soap recipe from Kelly Cable’s book: The Natural Soapmaking Book for Beginners”. The recipe contained: INGREDIENTS: ▪ 6.2 ounces water ▪ 6 ounces flat beer (I used Gold Coast IPA from Kona Brewing) ▪ 13 ounces olive oil ▪ 8...
  3. sasha_88

    What qualities of beer are kept when used in CP soap?

    I read that beer soap has the antibacterial qualities of yeast and also B vitamins. However, I boil beer before mixing it with lye, then it undergoes saponification. Can it be said that these qualities are kept when the yeast is long dead, especially if you use pasteurised beer and the B...
  4. NaturallyPosh

    First post, First batch of soap in a mold, First bath bombs!

    Hello everyone, Have been lurking for a minute, reading all the experience and much needed tips and advice. Finally made my first batch of soap in a mold today along with many many unsuccessful bath bomb batches and only two really pretty bath bombs. I have made soap before but nothing pretty...
  5. S

    Adding Beer AFTER cook for HP Beer soap?

    Hello! I heard from a few soapers that when making HP beer soap they add it after the cook for much better results in regarding to fluidity. Anyone have experience with that? Wondering if it would be as straightforward as reducing the water in the lye solution the exact amount of the beer you're...
  6. Saponomancer

    Butterbeer soap and WPS's Beer Powder

    Hi guys! I said I'd report back on how the beer powder went when I got around to using it! I soaped using one tbsp ppo of the beer powder, and room temperature lye and oils. Y'all it was a dream to work with, and so much easier than stirring lye into frozen beer and trying to get it to...
  7. Nanooo48

    I made my first beer soap! =D

    Oatmeal stout. Scented with oatmeal milk and honey. Love how these came out and smell even! Still freshly cut I was just super excited with these haha! I had fun! I will experiment some more with beer soaps in the future :dance:
  8. U

    Beer Soap

    One of my (and my customer's) favorite. IMG_3862 by geniash posted Feb 7, 2019 at 3:10 PMIMG_3861 by geniash posted Feb 7, 2019 at 3:09 PM What's your favorite? Share the picture and a description.
  9. KimT2au

    Finally, my first batch of beer soap. Yes, I really got it made this time.

    After my previous disastrous attempt to make beer soap where hubby threw out the beer I had had simmering, I finally got some beer soap made, even if my stick blender did short out on my half way through. Phew. The soap sat in the mould for about 28 hours before I cut it and the ends of the bar...
  10. KimT2au

    Today I made my beer soap

    Yes, I finally got that batch of beer soap made. Did it go well? Hmmmm, sort of. My stick blender blew up half way through mixing and I had to finish it off by hand. sighhhhhh, I don't think I was meant to make beer soap. Kim
  11. MatthewDM

    Best type of beer for soap

    What is the best type of beer to use in soap?
  12. Amber123

    Going to do my first HP and nervous

    I've done CP and M&P but never HP...idk why but it frightens me...Im prepping some beer for beer soap and I really don't want to wait the 6 weeks to cure for this I'm gonna HP it so I can use it right away. Any tips for me? Things I need to remember ..things you may have forgotten on...
  13. Sihir

    The lingering stench

    For whatever reason, I only recently got into non-water soaps. I made a coffee soap and a beer soap, and I'm having the same problem with each. They smell baaaaddd! Like scorched chemicals. The first (coffee soap) I did not chill the coffee whatsoever (and used 100% coffee as the liquid). In...
  14. sunfloweracres

    Has anyone made Salt Bars with Beer?

    I am trying a batch tonight. I have made shampoo bars with Dark Side Vanilla Porter beer, Wheat Germ, and Bayberry FO that are my best seller so far, and have made a couple batches of salt bars with water, Red oxide, and Honey Almond FO (they smell like Cherry!). Tonight I am experimenting with...