Finally, my first batch of beer soap. Yes, I really got it made this time.

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You bet they die
Jul 28, 2018
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Perth, Western Australia
After my previous disastrous attempt to make beer soap where hubby threw out the beer I had had simmering, I finally got some beer soap made, even if my stick blender did short out on my half way through. Phew. The soap sat in the mould for about 28 hours before I cut it and the ends of the bar were great but it was still a bit gooey in the middle section. I think it could probably have benefited from another 12 hours or so out of the mould before it was cut. I thought I had mixed my TD well, but apparently not well enough as there are some TD drags along the cut lines. I think I prefer the shape of the bars if they are stood on their side as they are more like a shape of a glass of beer so I have started to make myself a mould that shape. Unfortunately I did not get the mould finished as my family actually expected me to feed them and not simply keep making soap. I used yellow iron oxide for the colour and TD for the head of the beer. I am happy with the colour but would have liked it a bit stronger, so I will use more next time. I purposely did not insulate the mould as I have was worried about it beer soap overheating but it does look like a small section in the middle may have gelled but most of it didn't. Overall, I am really pleased with the soap and can't wait to be able to try it out. I used lime for fragrance, as my thinking was that it would sort of be like when they serve a Grolsch with a wedge of lime in the bottle of the beer.

beer lager v1 02.JPG beer lager v1 03.JPG beer lager v1 04.JPG

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