First post, First batch of soap in a mold, First bath bombs!

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Nov 12, 2019
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Hello everyone,

Have been lurking for a minute, reading all the experience and much needed tips and advice. Finally made my first batch of soap in a mold today along with many many unsuccessful bath bomb batches and only two really pretty bath bombs. I have made soap before but nothing pretty and not in a traditional mold. Nothing that I would be able to sell.

I hope I am able to attach photos, not sure how yet, this is my first time trying to post. I made a beer soap for my first batch with hops inside and on top. The soap smells incredible, I hope the smell stays, I read here that it disappears during the curing process, fingers crossed. I did add 1/2 oz of another fragrance coffee cake that I wanted to blend with the scent of the beer and it worked perfectly. I do not want to end up with a coffee cake smelling soap.

I am just so happy and proud and exhausted, my feet are on fire! But to see the photos the pain is worth it.
Welcome NaturallyPosh :). I moved your Photos to the Photo Gallery for everyone to see :thumbs:.