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  1. starduster

    Few new soaps!

    flying soap makers....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wonderful. You have some great drive to have got that much done soooh soon. Beautiful. Stay flying with your soaps as you are deinately in your groove there. Got you mojo thing happening so well. Mary :shock:
  2. starduster

    First Show - Yay!! (lots of pics inside)

    Congrats. What a wonderful set up. No surprise you did so well. :lol:
  3. starduster

    Soap Scum

    Clean as Excellent information all around on this thread. Healthier skin versas the clean sparkling baths and sinks that the Clean Police will approve of. Maybe little extra work, but I feel it is worth it. :lol:
  4. starduster

    My latest soap :)

    contrast All such a lovely contrast. Keep it up. Mary
  5. starduster

    Anise scented- Yum!

    Yum Midnight Shimmey? Yummy looking soap. Mary
  6. starduster

    Fairy Fluff

    Sop mice Thankyou good soapers. I am going mainly with the fairy theme at the moment. I have another soap curing called fairy forest .Some time I will put that up. I have been scrubbing all my molds out that were stored under my house in carry bags for lack of other space, Some have been...
  7. starduster

    Fairy Fluff

    Here is my rebatched Fairy Fluff soap Mary :lol:
  8. starduster

    2nd Market in a while

    Thanks TC I am rebatching some twighlight into Fairy Fluff. I am adding monkey farts to the mix of abysinth. It seems quite nice. Remember I made 2 truckloads of twighlight way back. Those big mixes have stood me in good stead. As I have been able to keep the two shops supplied wth the back ups...
  9. starduster

    2nd Market in a while

    I have been back to a sweet little market twice now. Taking soaps and little figurines I make. I am just rebatching a soap and made a new one last week. This is more fun for me and lighter not just focussing on soap. :lol:
  10. starduster

    tomorrow is my first craft fair

    Good luck Best of luck and your soap looks really great. You will do great. Like your etsy shop. :)
  11. starduster

    First Markets in a Months Time

    Good luck Crafty Kelly. You will do just fine. Looking back on my first efforts I do wish I had taken less and gone along more for the fun of that. Can't wait to see the photos. :)
  12. starduster

    How did you find us?

    Glad you came I am not on here much just now because I have other things to attend to. But let me tell you it is the most wonderfull place to come to learn, share and make friends. Welcome aboard. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. starduster

    Question abt Australia

    Setting the record straight... Orstaralia (Oz) is a little Island that we try to support when ever possible ,of the coast of New Zealand. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. starduster

    the avon lady-that good ol' gals network!

    again Ah Heartsong. Beginnings and endings, which make room for my favorite... New Beginnings Best of luck.
  15. starduster

    swirls soap/ hp and cp

    Well done swirls what a swell type of swell soap. Do love the colours. :lol: