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    what do you do when...

    That's some egregious customer service! As a soap seller, I wind up shipping liquid products and take precautions like individually bagging liquid soaps and lotions. If something leaks during shipping, I offer a replacement on me or a refund of that product. Hopefully the bag contains the leak...
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    Comments Requested About FO from NDA

    Ones I've tried: Green Apple - no acceleration, stays strong, discolors to PURPLE Frankincense & Myrrh - didn't hold up at all in CP, completely gone by the time I unmolded. Maple Pecan - smells nice, holds well, no acceleration but will discolor to brown Bitter Almond - super strong and sticks...
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    Question on basil essential oil

    Basil eo sticks around forever in soap and can easily overpower anything else in your blend. I pair it with litsea or lemongrass and the scent stays STRONG well after the one year point. Don't have my notes handy but I know I use it at 2% or less....probably less.
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    Bulk buys and garage sales

    Facebook =)
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    Post you ugly soap pics here - Troubleshooting thread

    What my beer soap (with clove eo!) usually looks like: What my restock of said beer soap did last week: I've never had this recipe move fast, nevermind the fastest seize I've ever seen. It was gelling in the pot right after I took this picture. My one and only encounter with Soap on a Stick...
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    New to soaping

    Marjoram will turn brown in CP. Most natural greens do that :-( Some people have had luck with parsley powder, kelp powder, and spirulina. In my experience, they all turned brown either within a few weeks or immediately upon being exposed to any sunlight. For a green that lasts, you could try...
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    Attempt to keep the soap smelling so nicely

    Which EOs are you using and how much of each?
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    You know you're addicted to soapmaking when...

    You can pipe soap cupcakes beautifully but frosting on real cupcakes still looks like poo swirls. When your kids start asking "are you making soap?" instead of "can I have a snack?" when they see you in the kitchen.
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    Filling lipbalm tubes with pipettes

    I use a small 1cup measuring cup that has a lip on the spout to keep liquids from dribbling down the side. I can't imagine how much more mess I would make with a pipette! It does sound like a good idea though if you're not the same variety of messy I am. Pipettes work well for MP soap, I would...
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    Soap molds and bar sizes

    I prefer a 3.5oz bar myself. Any larger than 4.5 and I have trouble holding it. When selling, I only offer the one size in bar form and have a mishmash of overflow and end cuts priced separately in a basket. It's enough to keep up with without having 2 bar sizes! I'm rounding out my first year...
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    surefire scents that everyone can enjoy :)

    Peppermint! I've met a lot of lavender and patchouli haters but never anyone who hates plain peppermint. Blend with equal parts eucalyptus and you have my best selling scent. Not everyone likes eucalyptus though so for broader appeal I would still suggest straight peppermint :) Lemon basil and...
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    Looks like INSTANT liquid soap? HELP!

    For LS, liquid is typically calculated as 2-3X the KOH weight, not as a percentage of oil weight like when making bar soap. The amount of glycerin the OP used is perfectly fine.
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    Looks like INSTANT liquid soap? HELP!

    You did everything right! Your recipe is high in CO which traces super fast and gets so hot that you probably missed trace altogether. My tried and true recipe is about 75% CO and I can assure you that it generates so much heat during the taffy stage that it stays molten instead of getting that...
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    Breast Milk Soap

    That's what I assume was meant but the posts aren't completely clear on that point and since milk does have a certain percentage of fat, it can be saponified. SoapCalc even has an entry for milk fat. Having never seen more than a skin of fat on top of any milk I've produced, I can't imagine...
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    Breast Milk Soap

    100% in no oils? What would the SAP value for average human milk be then? Very curious.