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    Making a tincture

    Rubbing alcohol is for external use only!!! Mods, where are you on this one? Long, impassioned lectures for people who get on this forum with basic questions about soap making who plan to sell, but hardly a peep out of you all when someone comes on here clueless about making tinctures-someone...
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    Soaping with Absolutes

    Oh! You are totally right, I overgeneralized use rates for EO's... I guess I'll just have to pick one or two absolutes and experiment :)
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    Soaping with Absolutes

    But you wouldn't use a n entire oz per lb, right? what would the usage rate be?
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    Soaping with Absolutes

    Does anyone use absolutes in CP? I'd really like to experiment with them- particularly cocoa, vanilla, geranium, rose, etc. How much would one add per lb of soap? I really want to try it but I'm terrified of wasting such expensive material! Any advice?
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    Best Bay Rum Fragrance Oil

    I soaped Bay Rum from BB in October for Christmas. I gave it away to several family members, and the one who loved it most was my sister in law! I just gave her the last three bars I had left over from the October batch, and the scent was still holding strong.....7 months later, and I used 1 oz...
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    Anyone ever used amber resin in cp?

    I reeeeeaaaaally want to make an amber soap- I've looked at FOs, but am not sure I want to get small sample bottles of it only to get burned- I want REAL amber. I've been trying to source amber resin instead, and am having a hard time finding anything reasonably priced. I found this youtube...
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    Ugly Pretty

    I rebatched too many soaps that I later wished I hadn't because they didn't turn out the way I expected or wanted. This is a really neat soap. Give it a chance ;)
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    poster removed

    You didn't read the post, did you?
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    More soaps...

    I love to see your soaps! Keep them coming :) So nice! I wish I discovered soaping when I was still nursing- I would have loved to experiment with breast milk soap, but I don't think I would want to handle anyone's besides my own.
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    Wow finally had my first problem batch!

    Turmeric shouldn't do that. I just made a castile with Turmeric used in a portion of it for color- it's the only thing that's turned out okay for me all week! Wish I had the answer. You might need to just tuck it away and let it have a good, looong cure.
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    poster removed

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    My First Soaps & homemade soap cutter – LONG

    I finally talked my husband into making me a soap mold. I could have just done it myself, it's quite simple construction, so I am thinking of attempting to make a cutter. It doesn't need to be like the Tank, I just need something that cuts soap better than I do! I have gotten to the point where...
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    Butcher's Lard Soap -- very long.

    This is really interesting! Please post photos!!! Please???
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    First soaps from a rank beginner

    Beautiful, beautiful first soaps! And I love your EO blend, I bet it's divine! There's nothing more satisfying than making a gorgeous block of soap...soon you will lie awake at night, wih your head reeling from all the possibilities for scent, color, texture, lather......! Welcome, and thank...