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Feb 13, 2015
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Last time I used glitter in a silicone mold I added the glitter to a small amount of the soap batter and poured that first to create a layer on the bottom. Results..I don't know..I wasn't impressed.I thought the other possibility would be to dust it into the bottom of the mold and then pour the soap.Knowing me though, that wouldn't come out very thought I'd get some suggestions from the people on this forum that have a lot more time under their belt doing this...
Soap on!
I buy from quite a few online vendors who top their soap with glitter and I LOVE it. Though I should mention, I'm a 24 year old city woman. It might be relevant to state my demographic. ;)

I think my preferred vendors just put the mica on top and blow it around to get an even layer, or a mica line. Glitter is only glittery when it can reflect light. Seems like putting it in the batter would take away that property.
I only put glitter on top. I've only had two customers that didn't like it so they purchased soap without it. I carry both. The glitter washes off after the first use or two.
I don't like highly colored glitters on soap, although I do like, and occasionally use, less distracting ones, the ones that kind of pick up on the color in the soap but don't really make a separate statement, if that makes sense.

I actually *really* like using certain types of glitter w/in the body of the soap, but hardly any work, they have to be of a certain density/texture. When they do, they are not super glittery, more like an understated mica. In a dark soap they can be really pretty and add a look that is hard to get otherwise.
I'm not a neon-colored, glitter dusted soap kinda gal. But that's just me. If you like it, and you're making it for yourself, more power to you. If you sell, and your customers like it, give them what they want. There's room for all of us in the handmade soap universe! As long as it's great handmade soap, that's the important thing.
I like glitter on the tops of soap, a little holographic glitter goes a long way. What I don't like is chunky, overly colored glitter or sprinkles.
Its going to be for holiday gift giving...and there's only a small percentage of those people that I plan to do this for...with that said, I'm apologizing for not making myself clearer...I'm really wanting to know how to go about evenly dispersing it on the bottom of a silicone mold....
I would think a shaker bottle with small holes or maybe one of those air poof bottles would work. I've even used a big fluffy make up brush dipped in glitter then tapped over the mold to get a even layer.
I use a touch of glitter on my "princess" soaps. I just use a big makeup brush. I've never tried putting glitter in the bottom though... I figured it'd just get messed up when I pour the batter.
I'm leaning towards big fluffy make up where does one purchase one of those? LOL...I'm going to have some fun buying this I can sense it already....
Anton, I'm not sure if that would work v. well b/it is likely to get mixed up into the batter. I've tried this a couple of times with mica, the only time it kind of worked is w/an OMH soap where I brushed bubble wrap with a thick coating of a mica oil mix and then poured the batter on top (instead of putting the bubble wrap on top of the soap as I usually do). The color did stay separate, but I did not really like it, it was too uniform and just not pretty. I didn't try that w/glitter though.
I'm leaning towards big fluffy make up where does one purchase one of those? LOL...I'm going to have some fun buying this I can sense it already....

Head to walmart or any similar type store and go to the make-up section. You'll want a large blush brush or loose powder brush. Alternately, you might be able to find one at a dollar store.

not_ally, I've put glitter in my molds before and it works ok. You just have to pour slow and at thicker trace.
Wide watercolor paintbrushes work as well and don't come with the "I'm buying a blush brush" stigma. Just sayin'.

I'm actually a fan of somewhat less regular glitter/top color (or bottom color) on soap, so I tend to sprinkle. Heavier done sections just glitter more.

I've even used glitter as colorant, the blue soap glitter I have is CP stable, so it's one of my more reliable blue tones in addition to ultramarine blue. However, I got an entire pound of said glitter on closeout really cheaply, so I figure I might as well use it! 1/4-1/2 tsp PPO does generate a very pretty light to medium blue with no shine in CP. 1/8th tsp PPO in MP produces glittering and light play in the clearer soap.

Nobody I've given it to objects to the glitter, but it is body safe, very fine, and not an obnoxious color. Who doesn't like a rich blue? Nobody. :)

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