Heart shaped soap with holes! (Uh... not what I wanted!)

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Sep 9, 2023
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Southern California
Hi All,
I'm making 50 light purple hearts for some friends wedding. These will be given out to all the guests and I am doing this as a gift to my friends. The wedding is a few months away and I just poured my first set of 10 (bought 10 molds off of Amazon) They are sold as individual molds and are pink colored. These were based upon what my friends wanted size-size.

I used my standard soap recipe and the pour went fine, and I added batter to the molds when the batter was at a light trace. There were absolutely no bubbles in the pour but these came out with a lot of bubbles! I've never experienced Silicone Rash but wonder if this is what is the culprit. I should also mention that I did put these on a heating pad for a few hours after the pour ...What do you all think? IMG_3223 (1).jpeg
Love that color and shape!

Yes, that does look like silicone rash, which often appears if you heat the molds. Try making an unheated batch and see how it goes.

I have had some molds that, once heated, left rash forever after that, even when I used no heat. Two others "rashed" when I used heat, but since, have been fine as long as I don't apply extra heat.

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